WGRN – What You Are Missing Out On

The station's control system. Media by Emily Hogue

One of the hearts and souls of Greenville University’s campus is their radio station, 89.5 WGRN. The radio station’s first broadcast was produced back in November of 1952. One of the radio program managers for many years was Dr. Cary Holman.

The current operations manager is Ryan Mifflin, who was advised by Holman during his attendance at Greenville College in the mid-late ’90s. Mifflin has since stepped into the role of being the director of the program since Holman’s retirement in 2016.

WGRN does not just do radio, however. They throw many fun events for students as well. For example, this past semester the WGRN team has thrown a Spring Fling, which you can read all about in another Papyrus article if you click here.

Another very recent activity was a cookout to raise funds for more students activities, as well as for some equipment upgrades to make the quality of their student’s shows even better.

Egg Hunt Poster. Source: Marissa Gomez

One event that you can look forward to after Easter “break,” is their “Day After Easter” Easter Egg Hunt. This event will be at 5:30 PM Monday, April 22 following Easter. This event will include a classic Easter egg hunt that all of you college students can actually come and participate in! Hundreds of eggs will be spread around Scott Field for some egg hunters to come and find.

In addition to the hunt, there will be several contests and many prizes. Prizes will include some smaller ones for everyone’s enjoyment, as well as some bigger prizes such as an Amazon Echo Dot. Come to Scott Field on April 22 for some good nostalgic times.

Some of the equipment in the studio. Source: Emily Hogue

There are many ways for you to get involved in WGRN apart from just attending the great event they host. First of all, WGRN is not only for the campus, but the Greenville community as well. The station continues to play over the summer, even while students are not present.

Though most students go home for the summer, you can still get involved in WGRN in these last few weeks through recording so the station will have fresh voices throughout the summer.

The studio in the upper union. Source: Emily Hogue

One of the best ways to get involved with the station is through your passion for music. WGRN has “committees” for genres who get together every once in a while to check on what’s new and should be played. The two biggest genres they have committees for is rock and hip hop.

Another way many students get involved with WGRN is by creating their own weekly shows that can be about a variety of things. Students can also run the boards for sporting events and concerts that are happening around campus. Whether you an on-air person or behind the scenes, WGRN is s a great place to get involved on campus.

In fact, Ryan Mifflin says,

“…if you have an interest or a particular talent, we can find a way for you to use that at the station…”

Not only is WGRN a great place to get involved with Greenville University, but it is also a great place to learn some “real world” skills.

Ryan Mifflin says,

“you’ll be using public speaking, organizational, and creative skills. No matter what your chosen field is, those are great skills to develop.”

Interested in getting involved with Greenville University’s WGRN? You can contact Ryan Mifflin at ryan.mifflin@greenville.edu or 618-267-5436.


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