What’s Next After Graduation, Seniors?

Source: Reaghan Lesh

Graduation is just around the corner. Seniors all over the Greenville University campus are excited, sad, and eager to get out into the “real world.” Being a transfer junior at GU in Fall 2017, I have experienced a lot of new and great friends along the way. I have interviewed a couple of seniors around the GU campus, whom I see almost every day or every other day. Since May is coming up very shortly, I have gathered up some of what the senior’s post-graduation plans are.

Dani Pearce– “My plans after college are to be the graduate assistant of the women’s soccer team and get my MBA and so I’ll be in Greenville for the next 2 years.”

Edgar Bueno– “After graduation I am going to become an assistant men’s soccer coach for Greenville University and begin my studies for my masters in business administration.”

Anthony Zataray – “My plans after graduation is moving back to California and apply for a few jobs. I also want to so some social media assisting for some companies. It would be awesome if I could do social media assisting for Fresno State University. Also, I eventually want to get my masters in media psychology.

Lauren Wilson – “Right now my plans are applying for jobs, then hopefully, in the next few months I can obtain my real estate license.”

Isiah Price – “Plans after graduation is hopefully going to school and continuing on getting my master’s degree and with that I’m hoping to get a graduate assistant job for basketball.”

Gabbie Hartin – “So I actually have a couple of options, I’m either going to take a gap year and get my certification in personal training, my certification in massage therapy, or I’m going right into a Doctorate program for physical therapy. It’s just kind of whatever timing works best for me.”

Zach Silvas-“My plans after graduation is hoping to find a job back home in California, I’m not sure what specifically- but I just want a job just to have income and not be searching around for months without one.”

Beth Mersinger – “My plans include doing practicum this summer then I’m taking a semester off to work and then I’m getting my Master’s in the spring.”

Senior year is such an essential part of starting the rest of your life. It’s filled with the final semester making memories with friends who may or may not live in the same state as each other, growing apart from the “college experience,” and being very proactive in finding a career. Sometimes it’s hard to now know what you want to do with your life, and that’s okay. There are so many people to help guide and lead you to the right path to a successful life.

We all want our college education to be worth the college expenses, so if at times it doesn’t work out remember- God has a plan! College is supposed to be the best time of your life, and it sounds like the majority of these seniors have had to experience that!

Media by Reaghan Lesh.


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