World War Z – what will you do when zombies strike?

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World War Z is a four-player co-op game produced and distributed by Saber Interactive. It was released on April 16 and has really caught people’s attention. The plot and missions of the co-op campaign revolve around unique survivors around the world, including New York, Moscow, and Jerusalem. Players can strategically use traps, obstacles, and surroundings to survive, and can also use a variety of weapons to deliver powerful attacks against waves of zombies.

The Gameplay Overview of World War Z. By WWZ Game

The best thing about this game is the rigorous setting. Because of the film World War Z‘s setting, the characters in World War Z are set in great detail, and the battles are fought around the world. In the film World War Z, the human race is on the verge of extinction. All around the world, the zombie apocalypse continues to spread. Countless gluttonous zombies are fearless and relentless, constantly flooding and infecting embattled survivors. As the end approaches, a small band of hardy survivors unites against a zombie attack. As a result, in World War Z, the main idea of the game is to form a team of four, fight off the surging tide of zombies and perform a series of tasks in order to survive. These tasks are not only interlocking but also extremely challenging and punchy, which completely brings players a unique PVE game experience in the new sub-era picture. With the character’s background, no matter the battle plot or the world outlook, elaboration appears not abruptly in the game. In addition, there are different career divisions and position responsibilities among different roles, which makes teamwork especially important in this work.

Source: Saber Interactive

World War Z has a visual sense of the game Left 4 Dead, which contracts the childhood memories of numerous players. It has also found its own new gameplay. World War Z has added a career system. In the game, players can choose different class characteristics according to their own tactical style, such as the splitter, that increases melee ability, the medic, that increases blood returning ability, and so on. The addition of the class system gives the game a lot of strategic reinforcement, especially in multiplayer mode, where players are able to match their class to their squad. This is one of the things that the game does really well. The game also adds some heavy and defensive weapons for players to use, which are familiar equipment for FPS players, such as RPG, howitzer, fixed battery, etc., which will make the war more intense and more violent.

Source: Saber Interactive

As a whole, the combat aspect of World War Z has not deviated from the fixed multiplayer survival routine. Although the skill system design has been added, it still fails to make people find a bright spot and lacks innovative production content. But on the subject of zombies, the best thing about World War Z is the expressiveness. In the game, we can experience a variety of corpse tide. Sometimes zombies will not come from the fixed route to swarm out, but they will also appear in various weird ways in front of the players. For example, in some levels, zombies will drop from the sky like zombie rain, rendering the atmosphere in place. You can also see the “zombie pyramid” constructed by the zombies in order to climb to the top, which is also in line with our image of the zombie setting. Destroying their efforts with their own hands will also create a more comfortable feeling than normal stuttering. If you are a multiplayer survival gamer, give it a try.

The Reveal Trailer of World War Z. By WWZ Game


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