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Media by Abbi Murillo

Do you understand the meaning of the Christian fish symbol? It’s totally okay if you don’t know what it means, we’re about to find out. But what is the story behind this hand-drawn fish? Why is this figure printed on t-shirts, newspaper advertisements, and even on the back of the car in front of you in traffic?

Ichthus Media by Pinterest

This symbol is known as Ichthys and made his comeback during the 1960s, the historical characteristics that attributed to the spread a unity of Christianity long before it was popular in society today. The fish symbol that is more recognized by people in this form <><, originates from the Greek word for fish, “ichthys/ichthus.” This world is further defined in the acrostic IXᴎYy that translates to:

I – lota or lesous (which means Jesus)

X- Chi or Christos (which means Christ)

N – Thetat or Theou (which means God)

Y – Upsilon or Yidos/ Huious (which means Son)

Y – Sigma or Soter (which means Savior)

Fish in Wood Media by Ancient Pages

During the times of persecution by the Romans in the first centuries, this fish symbol was by hidden Christians to display meeting places for other Christians to meet and worship. These symbols could be spotted on trees or doorways or even tombs. Although, this symbol was used by Christians at the same time this symbol was also used by several pagan religions in that way this symbol was protected by suspicion from the Romans. Now you might be wondering if this song was used by pagan religions how did Christians new who was a true Christians and who wasn’t? Christians had a story that was passed down in order to figure out whether they were encountering a fellow Christian or an enemy. It consisted that when two people met in a place, the Christian would draw the first half of the fish in the sand. If the other person drew the other half of the fish, correctly, then the Christian knew he/she was with a true believer. In case the other person didn’t finish the other half of the fish, it would look like an innocent person was just drawing in the sand.

In case you don’t know the references in the Bible about the fish there is one story among others that we all know, Jesus feeding the five thousand with five loaves and two fish (Matt. 14:15-21; Mark 6:34-44; Luke 9: 11 – 17; John 6: 5-13) Also, the Bible mentions Jesus’ disciples “fisher’s of men” ( Matt 4:19). So next time you see this symbol make sure you remind yourself of what it stands for. The evolutionists have taken this fish and altered the Christian fish to represent their beliefs instead what this Christian symbol really stands for.

Fish Media byFreedom Studio/Shutterstock

I hope that next time you see this Christian fish symbol anywhere, you will remember the story of all the Christians that used this symbol in the past to recognize each other. It’s incredible that this simple design helped Christianity thrive in dark times in history. My wish is that just as God called his disciples fishers of men, you will also take on the role to lead others to Christ.



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