Five Super Cool Awesome and Kawaii Anime to Watch

Need suggestions on good anime to watch? Source by Antwon Knight

Warning: mild spoilers I’m here to acknowledge the great anime in past seasons and ongoing anime that should be watched by all. I suggest these 5 to anyone needing something new to watch and have a good time.

  1. The Promised Neverland

Ray, Emma, Norman, Don, and Gilda
Source-Viz Media

This show caught me off guard. It left me wondering what’s next because of how it is so good having me on the edge of my seat. The quick story of this without any spoilers is a home of 38 children live in an orphanage that hopes to find a home but Emma and Norman find a secret that haunts them. The truth that they know now must have them to get their family out and survive. Follow Emma, Norman, and Ray’s journey as they find a way to live.

2. The Rising of the Shield Hero

Looking for a true underdog story? This is the anime to catch up on as the first season is still going on. Naofumi Iwatani was just living his life and then gets transported into a new world he has no knowledge of. He is now one of 4 legendary heroes to save the world from despair. But my man gets the worst of luck, an enemy of the land he is supposed to risk his life for he has to start from the bottom. He goes on to find a team of his own since the other heroes don’t want him around. And from here the journey gets going for Naofumi but it’s never easy.

The main cast of the shield hero
Filo, Naofumi, Raphtalia, and Melty

3. Demon Slayer

A new one that I highly suggest with only 4 episodes so far so you can definitely catch up in a day. Trust me once you start this series you will be waiting for the next episode with an alarm. Young, kind soul Tanjiro was just leaving to sell some coal to bring home some money for his family. Once he returns he finds out his family is no longer living, besides his younger sister. Turns out she is a demon. Demons are man-eating creatures so what does Tanjiro do from here as his beloved sister is a monster now. He vows to find a way to save her from this demise and turn her back normal.

Main cover art for Demon Slayer
Source- Crunchyroll

4. Black Clover

This one I been following from the start. Honestly, you have to keep with this one and push through the yelling and loudness of the main character (trust me 82 episodes into it I’m used to it and never was a problem, to be honest). Two young boys named Asta and Yuno left as children grew up with a goal in mind to be Wizard King. To do that they need to become magic knights. They get tested and Yuno gets the legendary four leaf grimoire, while Asta gets nothing. Absolute embarrassment does this shut Asta down? This the next Naruto of the phrase “Believe it.” Asta never gives up and strives to become Wizard King with no magic. Also, the opening songs to these are some bangers. My personal favorite is Black Rover opening 3.

Yuno and Asta squaring off against each other in the Black Clover Quartet Knight video game

5.That time I got Reincarnated as a Slime

Mikami Satoru was thinking a day was just going to be normal with friends. Nope gets stabbed and anime over. I’m kidding, Mikami goes on to pass into the next world but gets reincarnated as a slime (hence the title). This by far is one of the best addition to the isekai anime in my opinion. He renames himself as Rimuru Tempest and I want to say he is now a candidate for a most overpowered anime character. Catch up with this anime as the first season is done, and be ready for the next season coming in 2020.



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