GU Softball’s Very Own, Olivia Shipman

Source: Brittany Lopez

Olivia Shipman is a hard-working, sophomore infielder for the Greenville Women’s Softball team. Shipman is from Robinson, Illinois in which she graduated from Newton Community High School. Some fun facts about Olivia include that she enjoys reading books and of course, shopping. She picked to spend her four collegiate years in the small town of Greenville, Illinois because she appreciated the university’s mission to place God in the center of both academics and athletics.

Olivia and her teammates celebrating a HOME RUN!
Source: Darrin Stewart

There is beauty in the road to success, but nobody said it will be easy. Olivia expresses, “I would say my biggest struggle would be balancing all of the school work with the mental and physical demands of also playing a sport. Learning how to make time for both studying and practicing has been a process, and you just have to find what works for you.” Like many student-athletes, time management and balance is a critical piece if you want to get everything done on time. Often, we see that athletes struggle in the beginning but once they can find a consistent routine, everything else eventually falls into the right place.

Athletics and sports can play into many different factors, more positive than negative. Athletics help student-athletes in a variety of ways including academically, physically, and mentally. Levels of competition can also help individuals to gain more confidence and better handle failures and successes. Softball has completely changed Olivia’s life, and only for the better. She admits, “Softball has impacted me in a lot of areas, but most influential aspect has been the relationships I have formed with my teammates. It’s truly more than a game, and the friendships I have formed through the game is something that I will cherish forever.” One of the great things about being a part of a team is the opportunity you get to build new connections with a variety of unique people. Sport can be used to enhance relationships and also communication skills.

Apart from softball, some of Shipman’s education goals include to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and then eventually obtain an MBA which is a Master’s of Business Administration. In two years, after she graduates, Shipman plans on starting her career as a Human Resource Manager. In this position, she will most likely be responsible for planning, directing and also coordinating different organizational functions.

Olivia and Kam looking real nice for the camera!
Source: Brittany Lopez

Olivia offered some word of advice to future members of the women’s softball program along with other Greenville University students. Her first tip is simple, just work hard! She explains that you should always give it your all and on the diamond, leave everything out on the field for your teammates and coaches. Her second word of advice was to keep your head up at all times! Olivia explains, “Everyone goes through highs and lows, but that’s life and having a positive attitude can get you through anything.” She concludes by emphasizing the point to not let opportunities pass you by. You should always take full advantage of every moment and cherish them because it will all be over before you know it.

Media by: Brittany Lopez



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