All College Hike 2019

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On Sept. 11, Greenville University held its annual All College Hike. The University hike is a five-mile trip from in front of Whitlock to Durley Camp for Greenville students and staff. Even though the weather was super hot this year, it didn’t stop students’ enthusiasm to hike.

When everyone arrives at the camp, students and teachers will be introduced to different clubs and missions on campus that they can choose to be apart of or learn more about. This gives students the ability to connect with new leaders and become involved in more ways than one.

source: GSGA

At Durley, there are many different activities to take part in, such as a basketball court, sand volleyball, corn hole, and four square. There is a lake at the back of the camp where you can take a speedboat ride from the Bass Fishing Team here at Greenville. This is a great time to cool off with your friends and have some fun.

Chongzhu Zhang, a student of University Pathways, took his first All College Hike. “I think all college hiking is really nice. As I usually go for a walk every evening, it seems to me that the hiking yesterday is much stronger than usual. The band went from the beginning to the funeral house over there, so at the beginning, we could listen to the music and move forward. After all, they were too tired to carry the instrument all the time. On the way, the school also prepared four places to provide water. When we were thirsty on the road, we could draw water at the roadside water station. The clubs after arriving at the camp were also interesting. In general, yesterday was a tiring day, maybe because I was too tired yesterday, so I slept very well last night.”

Yinuo Chen, a sophomore majoring in engineering, has his own thoughts about the event. “I think this is a very successful activity because students can get to know more new friends in this activity, and also exercise everyone’s will in the process of participating in this activity. Maybe at the beginning, when I heard that I had to walk 5 kilometers, I thought it was impossible to do, but when I walked the whole distance, I thought it was not so difficult. Camp activities are also very good, can let the students in learning to understand and participate in the school club, and it also can be in the boat, a yacht, this is really it is a school of a traditional activity, held every year, I for those who attend hiking every year are very admire and I hope there will be more next year.”

source: Songen Miao

All College Hike was a very successful and wonderful experience for many students and faculty. Everyone all had a pleasant day off from classes to hang out and have some fun. Hopefully, more people can join this activity next year!


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