Dress like a Panther at The Panther Clawset

Media by Justin Reyes

Are you ready to be a Greenville super-fan? Are you ready to rep your school and its colors? If so, The Panther Clawset is the perfect place to get your Greenville gear and represent the school as a proud Greenville University student, fan, or even parent. For many incoming freshmen or incoming transfers who may not know, The Panther’s Clawset is the store on campus that sells almost every type of Greenville Panther gear and accessories you could think of.

Media by Justin Reyes

Even for returning students who already knew about The Panther Clawset, it is recommended you still check it out this school year because they have tons of new items in. The Panther Clawset has new t-shirts and new Nike apparel clothes such as sweatshirts, polos, and long-sleeve shirts. The store is located next to Jo’s Java right across from the Dinning Commons. They are open Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday from 10:30am to 4:00pm. Wednesday’s hours are 11:00am to 2:00pm. Unfortunately, they are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Make sure to pay attention to the different hours The Panther Clawset will have for upcoming events on campus. Homecoming is one of the many events that will change the normal hours of the store. Be sure to check your school email or GU social media pages for the new hours and deals listed from The Panther Clawset!

Fellow Greenville Student, Marissa Gomez, was asked about how she liked working at The Panther Clawset. Marissa said, “I enjoy working with friends. It allows me to feel connected with campus and I also get to see new faces and meet new people.” The environment while shopping at The Panther’s Clawset is remarkable, and the employees are friendly. Marissa had also mentioned to remind everyone that The Panthers Clawset is NOT just clothes, but they have everyday use items such as mugs, water bottles, cups, beanies, hats, lanyards, and more!

Media by Justin Reyes

You might be thinking, “I can only wear so much orange and Panther gear to class.” However, buying Panther gear gives you so many more outfits to sport at campus events! Think about all the upcoming volleyball, football, basketball, softball, baseball, and soccer games that you can show up to showing off your Panther pride. Even visiting places in town, like Subway, with your GU gear on reminds businesses that you are a student which gives you a 15% off student discount. When you go home for breaks, you will have Panther gear to rep and show off in front of hometown friends and family.

Junior transfer Henry Johnson, who was a customer at The Panther Clawset, said he really enjoyed his experience. Henry stated, “I was able to get myself a beanie and my mother a sweatshirt to send back home easily.” It was his first time ever shopping at The Panthers Clawset, but he found that they had a lot of great items and it was easy to find something he liked.

The Panther Clawset is a great on-campus store where you can find multiple items to show off your Panther pride and become a part of the school spirit community. Let’s see more people rocking Panther gear around campus!

Media by Justin Reyes


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