In The Boat Report: GU Bass Fishing

Media by Dustin Phelps

On Tuesday, September 3rd, the Greenville University Bass Fishing team had a qualifier at Vandalia Lake in Vandalia, Illinois. The team is made up of fourteen individuals who are essentially competing against each other for the right to have first dibs when being entered into the tournaments as the regular season starts. As a whole, the team had a very rough day. Between the fourteen fisherman, only four fish were caught amongst them over the 3.5 hours. Evan Seggerman said, “We caught only four fish, and the worst part was none them were exactly fish to brag about.” For a fish to even qualify, it has to have at least a length of 14 inches and none of the four fish were even 15 inches. A couple of the teams’ members broke down the day from their points of view and shared how the Vandalia qualifier went down.

Jordan Phillips, a junior Biology major from Belleville, IL. (Credit: Dustin Phelps)

When asked how his day on the water went, Jordan Phillips (pictured right) replied, “For me, it was a really tough day on the lake. I just had zero success catching anything, so I felt like it was just a waste of time casting lines. I even lost two or three lures.” Phillips also mentioned, “I feel like the main reason it was such a bad fishing day is that the conditions on the water were just terrible. It was way too hot and, in my opinion, I feel the majority of the fish were all at the bottom in the cooler water.”

Evan Seggerman, a junior Bio-Chem Major from Minok, IL. (Credit: Dustin Phelps)

Evan Seggerman (pictured left) agreed with Phillips that the conditions were just not at ideal to be out on the lake and expect to have good results. Seggerman said, “I just felt like it was the wrong time of day and that everyone who did catch a fish was just fortunate.”

The Greenville University Bass Fishing team had another outing on Wednesday, September 11th at Governor Bond Lake. They were out on the water from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. in an attempt to move up on their team rankings for the opportunity to fish in the regular season tournaments.

Everyone on the team looks to make a big splash this week as all of the first three qualifiers have been separated by one fish. Both Seggerman and Phillips were excited and anticipating future qualifiers as they hope for better conditions and more good days out on the water.

Here is an updated list on the team standings on where each fisherman currently stands

  1. Dru Johnson 59 pts
  2. Cale Jausel 44 pts
  3. Cordell Beckmann 34 pts
  4. Paul Jones 28 pts
  5. Jordan Phillips 28 pts
  6. Chris Brooks 27 pts
  7. Dathan Rowlett 26 pts
  8. Ricky Huge 25 pts
  9. Nate Overocker 24 pts
  10. Hannah Hill 22 pts
  11. Evan Seggerman 22 pts
  12. Sean McNamara 15 pts
  13. Karlene Rheaume 15 pts
  14. Will Schreiber 10 pts

Stay tuned for more live updates on the rankings and more inside the boat coverage with the team as we continue our weekly coverage of the Greenville University Bass Fishing team.

Media by Dustin Phelps.



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