Need a Campus Cut?

Media by Justin Reyes
You may see this flyer all over campus, feel free to take a picture and book an appointment. Media by Justin Reyes.

Looking to get a convenient and affordable haircut? Living on campus at Greenville University and not trying to walk or drive to get a haircut? You’re in luck because Muk’s Cuts is right here on campus. Why walk in this exhausting heat when there are convent haircuts literally minutes from anywhere on campus? Heshimu Wilson is a Greenville student who is also an up-and-rising barber that cuts hair on campus at Greenville. Wilson, who is very passionate about what he does, says, “I like cutting hair at Greenville University because everyone feels like family here. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I feel like this is where God wants me to be.”

Wilson is a sophomore from Belleville, Illinois and has been cutting hair for about 2 years. Wilson is a self-taught barber, who learned how to cut hair by shadowing his cousin, who is a barber, along with watching YouTube tutorials. Many may have doubts in a barber who is self-taught, but with practice over the years, one can become an expert at the craft. Wilson said he has practiced a lot before actually opening up his barber skills to students here at Greenville. He specializes in fades and tapers, but is an all-around master with the clippers.

Media by Justin Reyes

Wilson cuts about 15 to 20 Greenville students a week and is looking to get gain more customers here on campus. He has only two classes a day, which allows him the time to fit a haircut into his customers’ busy schedules. Residing on campus and having flexibility in his schedule makes Muk’s Cuts very convenient for students busy with classes, practices, and much more. Wilson cuts on the 3rd floor of Hood Hall, charging $10 for a haircut and $5 for a line-up. This is very affordable, especially for college students, who may not have a lot of money. The next closest barber shop charges $20 for a haircut.

Having a haircut may not seem like a top priority with such a busy schedule revolving around school. However, sometimes if you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you perform well! Having that nice cut can really give you that extra boost of confidence. Also, at the convenient location and cheap price, why not? It may seem like something small and simple, but a nice haircut goes along way whether it is shown off on the field, on the court, in the classroom, or even in chapel.

To get in contact with Heshimu, it is best to email him at and schedule an appointment that will best fit your schedule. Customers have raved about his work; he replies fast and is very accommodating to you and your schedule. While he is cutting, there is a fan and music to make the haircut as relaxing and comfortable as possible. Hope to see everyone with nice haircuts walking around campus, by one of your fellow GU students, teammates, and friends.

Media by Justin Reyes


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