Why Study Abroad? A Deeper Look Into Traveling For School

As impossible as it may sound, Greenville, Illinois, is not everyone’s cup of tea. Sure, it is a lot like the rest of the Midwest – trains instead of busy night life, two Subways instead of an actual restaurant, and several Casey’s just to flex on the micro-towns dotting the region – but for many, it is enough to drive you up a wall. That being said, the options we seem to be provided to complete our degree in a different location seem rather limited in scope, or too restrictive on our ability to grow. For those wanting to get the scoop on what GU’s travel study programs are all about, a meeting was held for the upcoming Israel Interterm trip, and Dr. Richard Huston was willing to answer a few questions afterwards.

Source: Wikipedia / Media by Noah Thuma
The city of Jerusalem certainly beats Greenville in the skyline department.

Prior to attending this meeting, one could really only known what could be gleaned from Chapel announcements regarding the trip, which was not a whole lot. The meeting itself was, as Dr. Huston himself put it, “an effort to cram in four months of meetings from the previous Spring into about thirty minutes or so.” The several handouts provided covered most of the general questions; they covered anything from finances, to preparing for the trip, to the class curriculum and academic progress. Truth be told, my own interest in going to visit Israel is greater now than ever before, thanks in no small part to Dr. Huston’s tangible passion for this experience. Through his use of photos, videos, and even music, he was able to help attendees capture the vibe of the last journey in 2018, a trip which several GU students had attended.

After the meeting finished, Dr. Huston answered a few questions. Some of the questions were hypothetical, some were to get further elaboration on the purpose of the trip, some were probing on the various non-spiritual benefits that such a trip would offer, and some inquired how he would improve the trip if he was given the chance. You can listen to the interview below. While it may not answer all of the questions that prospective travelers may have, it will hopefully give those who have interest a push in the right direction, or perhaps even further nurture their desire to embark on the trip this winter.

Part 1 of Dr. Huston Interview (General Questions)
Part 2 of Dr. Huston Interview (Hypotheticals)

Chase Harget, a current junior here at GU, and a hopeful traveler for this coming interterm trip to the Holy Land, shared his perspective on the trip, and why he is interested in going. You can listen to that interview below as well.

A quick minute (or two) with Chase, and why he’s invested.

For those hoping to get in on this travel opportunity, reaching out to Dr. Huston for more information would be the first step in this process. The first down payment is due Sept. 27th, so act fast.

Media by Noah Thuma.


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