A Reason To Stay On Campus: Ultimate Frisbee

Students flock to Scott Field for afternoon fun. Media by Noah Thuma

It would certainly be foolish to say that Greenville isn’t a suitcase campus. The atmosphere of any weekday or night is almost otherworldly compared to that of the weekend. Now, there is nothing wrong with going home to see family, nor is there anything wrong with finding other things to do in the area, although things do tend to get pretty slow around here. However, thanks to efforts by students, the weekend may not continue to be so dull for much longer.

CJ Falls, a current senior at GU, and the ARD for Joy/Jannsen Halls has been cultivating an excellent weekend activity for Greenville students through Ultimate Frisbee on Scott Field. The group meets once a week on Sunday afternoons, well after church services and lunchtime meals have concluded. The goal of Ultimate is much more about building friendships, community, and having a good time, rather than just destroying the competition. The activity is open to all students, come and go, regardless of skill level. Students can show up to simply hangout, get to know other students, and enjoy the (typically) nice weather that the activity has been blessed with thus far.

Media by Noah Thuma

During an interview, Falls’ explains his decision to start this program, his goals for the coming winter season, and his hopes for the activity in future years. You can listen to that interview below.

CJ discusses the inception and creation of the activity
CJ elaborates on group aspirations, community response, and the struggles so far
CJ talks about the looming winter season and how they plan to deal with it

Ultimate Frisbee routinely meets at roughly 2 p.m. every Sunday afternoon on Scott Field. If you are in need of a new activity to fill your typical day off, want to make new friends, or just need a reason to not go home for one weekend, be sure to swing by! You won’t regret it.


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