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Media by Justin Reyes

Have you ever been in a rush to get somewhere, but you’re also super hungry? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to order food while putting on shoes and heading out the door? You can! Greenville University works in collaboration with Fresh Ideas who has an app called FreshX that is available on your phone. This app allows you to put in your order in at the Union without waiting in line.

The app has many features that makes getting food much more convenient. Why wait in line or rush to walk all the way to the Union (especially if you live in Tenney or Kinney Halls) if you can order your food from where you are and have it ready by the time you arrive? For the students that have back to back classes with only a 10-minute gap, this app is perfect for you. The FreshX app will allow you to quickly order food in class, so you can enjoy your next class or meeting without your stomach rumbling the whole time.

Ordering food is not the only feature this app allows one to do. When downloading this app, it will connect to Greenville University and scan students’ ID cards onto the app. In the app under the payment section, it will give you an option to add students’ meal cards. This allows you to use your phone when you scan to check in.

FreshX also has a “What’s On The Menu” section where you are able to check what is on the menu at the Dining Hall. This is one of students’ favorite features the FreshX app offers because there are always days when you walk all the way across campus to the Dining Commons just to find out the food isn’t what you’re craving. This feature saves time and energy! Anyone can preview what they are serving for lunch and dinner in the morning and make a decision where they want to eat beforehand. To get this feature, click the What’s On The Menu tab, then click Armington Center and the menu is at your fingertips.

Lyriq Bernard, a staff worker at the dining commons, and informed us about many other features on the app that may not be known. Lyriq had mentioned that you can also use the app to scan yourself in at the dining commons, not just the union. Lyriq elaborated on this a little more saying, “It will already have your face pop up on my screen and I can go ahead and scan you in. This feature will not only help you get scanned in quicker but it helps all the dinning common staff because it shortens long lines and makes the crowd go down faster.”

Malaki Linden, a freshman here at Greenville University, was newly introduced to this app and had good opinions about it. Malaki says, “I like this app. It makes it very convenient for me to get my food and allows my food to be ready ahead of time so I am not there waiting.” With this being said, students should download the app and save some time while enjoying a meal!


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