From CA to Illinois: Rakim Murphy

Every morning people wake up and get ready for their day. They put on essential items like socks, shoes, sweaters or even hats. However, one item that isn’t known to everyone is a mask. Everyday people put their mask on to hide their true identity from how they want to be viewed by the world. You may know someone’s name and favorite song, but you may not always know their story. Here we have an interview from Rakim Murphy, a well-known senior at Greenville University. Murphy was born and raised in Fresno, California which lead to some of his highest peaks in life to struggles that made him stronger as a person.

Murphy was asked some of the best moments and hardest in his life that have made him the man he is today. He responded stating “Joining sports like football and basketball were big highlights in my life growing up, they also kept me on the right path to steer clear of trouble. The majority of my mental toughness came from the discipline I got from playing sports ever since a young age.” Murphy also said, “The biggest struggle I had to face was my cousin passing away in a car accident. Then a few years later my mother and father splitting up, this meant losing time spent as a family and not being able to see my brothers and sisters from my father’s side as much. Things can not be taken for granted and I will forever cherish what I have and the people around me because that part of my life was a lesson that nothing is guaranteed forever.” Murphy has experienced and valued life lessons that are important to keep a good head on your shoulders. He walks with his mind open and his head high wherever he goes.

California is a long way from Greenville, Illinois. Everyone has a story of how they ended up at this school. However, Murphy has a unique story which explains why he has such an impact on campus. “I had no offers for any sport coming out of my sophomore year at my junior college. In early May I got in contact with Coach Jackson who offered me to play for Greenville University Men’s basketball. Coach Jackson actually got a better offer to coach at a school in Oregon and left as soon as I got to Greenville. To me, this felt like a sign and a blessing that this coach offered me before he left or I would not have ended up here at Greenville.” Then I asked Murphy how his time here at Greenville has impacted his life. Murphy replied, “A lot of people here are more generous and helpful compared to where I come from. Everyone on campus helps each other out in one way or another. I feel like being here made me accustom to this culture and turned me into a person who is always looking to help someone in need, which I probably wouldn’t have experienced in Fresno.”

Murphy is a bright person who is always involving himself in multiple activities and sporting events around campus. We can learn that where he came from and the struggles he has faced have opened opportunities that have lead him to be the man he is today. If you see Murphy on campus or on the court, feel free to say hello to the friendly panther!


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