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Greenville is a small town, so to students who are from larger cities, Greenville University may seem like there’s nothing to do when they aren’t studying or want something to do on the weekend. But as a place where students are going to spend their college years, they need to know where in town they can find some fun. I hope to introduce some of GU’s school facilities and interesting places in and around Greenville.

Min Li, a sophomore engineering major comes from Shenzhen which is a big city in China, says his free time has changed a lot compared to what it used to be. “In China, I usually go shopping and watch movies with my friends in my spare time, but here I don’t have a car, so I can’t go to see the movie on the first day after it is released. It is very troublesome to go to the mall or some Chinese restaurants, so I need to find a friend who has a car to take me there. Living here, I spend most of my free time in my dorm room or at the gym, and sometimes I go with friends who visit St. Louis. I think my spare time has become much freer.”

The Annex, the school’s fitness center is a great place to head to. It is well equipped with weight training machines, treadmills, spinning bikes, indoor swimming pools, and many other fun activities. Both male and female changing rooms are equipped with saunas, so when you are stressed over homework head on over to sweat all your worries away. If you don’t want to drive to the gym, the school has an indoor basketball court and outdoor tennis courts where you can be active with your friends.

When it comes to interesting places near the school, a lot of students spend a full day at the St. Louis Zoo. The Zoo provides students an opportunity to go out without spending any cash they don’t have, as admissions is free. It’s one of the largest zoos in the United States, so there’s plenty to walk around and see. The animal exhibits are full of varieties of animals from amphibians to carnivores, and aquatic animals.

source: Songen Miao

Marcoot Jersey Creamery is also a place worth heading over to, as it’s only 10 minutes from campus. This is a cheese project and a farm where you can not only buy homemade cheese, honey, and icecream, but also learn a lot about their business. Customers can go around back and see the cows and even pet cow calves.

source: Songen Miao

These are just a few things available to do, however, there are more than likely many interesting places around Greenville that we haven’t experienced. Instead of staying in the dormitory all the time, students should get out and enjoy the fresh air and small-town vibes while they can. The four years in college is fleeting, so go out and experience new places and make new wonderful memories in and around Greenville.

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