King Prod. Episode 1: Ninja-Style Headbands banned

Media by Justin Cross
Welcome to King Productions! This is Episode 1 of many that will occur weekly! We will discuss what’s really going on in the world. Thank you for tuning in!

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is more than just a league for basketball. It is a corporation that makes millions, if not billions, of dollars every day; not on players if that’s what you’re thinking, but on endorsements. The NBA is a mecca for industries such as Nike and Adidas, so they can sell their products to both the players and customers. Companies like Nike and Adidas supply their customers with athletic gear to give them what they need when performing in any sporting event or work out at the gym. It’s needless to say that accessories are very popular in any event when you can showcase your own personal style. Whether you are an arm sleeve kind of guy or girl or a knee brace aficionado, and you can’t forget about the classic headband to finish the whole fit. Everyone has their own preference, so why should we have to watch what we wear? 

The NBA has specific laws that they follow, or try to follow, very strictly. One rule that they are currently working on is banning Ninja-styled headbands that many NBA players have owned/wore. Some that have acquired these headbands would be Jimmy ButlerJrue HolidayMontrezl HarrellLebron James and other NBA players that can be found on the big screen anywhere during season. As a collegiate basketball player, this rubbed me the wrong way. As a team we are one, but at the end of the day we too are individuals. That being said, why is it that this sense of individuality is being taken away? My friend, teammate, and fellow peer Aaron and I set out on an adventure to dig deeper into this topic. Aaron and I began looking at every aspect that would play into this decision and formulated an “episode” (video) on this topic. We began to converse our own thoughts behind this new rule. Whether we agree or disagree, but mainly we thought the NBA players themselves might not be too excited about this newly formed rule. Being collegiate athletes ourselves, makes this topic something relatable to us and something of interest. 

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Media by Justin Cross.


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