Pep Talks World Wide Tour 2019: Judah and the Lion

Media by Cole Simpson

Judah and the Lion stole the spotlight as they made an appearance in St. Louis on October 1st and 2nd as one of their stops on their tour: Pep Talks World Wide Tour 2019. The shows opener featured Flora Cash, and Judah the Lion jumped into their newest album: Pep Talks. The lead singer, Judah Akers, as well as band members Nate Zuercher and Brian Macdonald foster an inclusive experience for all their fans. Other musicians featured working with Judah and the Lion are Garrett Tyler, Troy Bruner, Spencer Cross, as well as many others. This upcoming and trendy band offers a concert and set of music that reaches a far broader audience than any other I have experienced.

Source: Judah and the Lion

Their newest album, Pep Talks, came out in 2019 and features songs like “Over my head” and “JOYBOY”. Some of their other albums are Folk Hop n’ Roll (2016), Kids These Days (2014), and Sweet Tennessee (2013). Judah and the Lion first appealed to me with their folk music, especially with the notes of banjo, but other genres their music would fall under could be Americana, bluegrass, rock, hiphop, and electro pop. So, really their music carries the potential to appeal to everyone. Not only does it appeal to a wide range of audiences, but it touches many fans in a very special way, as Brooke Tinsley elaborates, “Pretty much every concert has that moment where the artist speaks to the crowd inspirationally before a meaningful song. I liked Judah and the Lions’ rendition of this where he basically told us that we can do anything, and he didn’t tie it to any political or religious beliefs.” Tinsley attended the St. Louis concert, and also notes:

“…he said that nothing can or should stop Us from becoming who we truly want to be.”

This show displayed uniqueness in its venue choice and through deeper connections with its fans. The show took place at a noticeably smaller location in St. Louis, The Pageant, a venue that allowed for a much better experience. Every person had the deeper connection to those around them and in the close proximity of the band. Furthermore Judah and the Lion performed with its fans, ensuring every person was having fun, as articulated well by Victoria Fisher, who also attended the concert in St. Louis, “I’ve been to a lot of concerts, but Judah and the Lion were absolutely incredible. Not only are they so talented, but they made sure everyone was involved and having fun.” Full of dancing, costumes, and jumping into the crowds, this concert was a wild ride for everyone. Moses Leininger, another fellow fan in attendance to the concert, included, “I freaking love their energy on stages, also the light show was amazing. I just love the quirky things they do, like when the band came out in track suits, and at the ned of the song had the rip of pants. All that stuff just makes it a really fun experience.”

Source: Victoria Fisher

So, what are you waiting for? You can check out this band by getting tickets for Judah and the Lion World Wide Tour at their official website, listen to their various albums on their Spotify account, or follow them on Twitter or Instagram. Enjoy this video of the band performing at Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI.

Source: Judah and the Lion


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