“Run Boy Run” – Mikayla Joy (Interview)

Media by Wyatt Boyer

Mikayla Joy (Mikayla Hoult) is a country music artist on Greenville University’s campus. She is a senior, and is married to another country artist from GU, Jake Hoult. With her first concert of the semester being performed, she was opened up by Annah Peterson, and Taylor Harpster. They made way for Mikayla and Jake’s performance in the Blackroom Cafe, Tuesday night in preparation for Mikayla Joy’s new single, “Run Boy Run.”

Media by Wyatt Boyer and Last Day Productions

“Run Boy Run” will be released on October 4th, 2019, on all streaming platforms. Mikayla will also release the music video for the single, on the same day.

Be sure to check out Mikayla Joy!

Instagram: @mikaylajoyofficial

Facebook: @mikaylajoyofficial

Twitter: @mikaylajoymusic


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