Underground Cinematic Conversations

Media by Justin Reyes

Do you enjoy watching movies? Would you love to discuss the plot twists and characters in a good movie with others? If this sounds like something you would be interested in, then the Cinematic Conversations class is for you. Now you may read the word “class” and think, that’s just another obligation. However, you do not need to be in the class to be able to participate. You can simply show up and join the rest of the students as a member of the club.

The Cinematic Conversations is more of a student-run class, where the agenda is voted on by the students themselves. Together they vote on which upcoming movies they would like to watch and discuss afterward. This is a great opportunity to meet new people, make new friends, and learn different perspectives from other people. Sometimes the way you view a movie or the choices a character makes is completely opposite from someone else. Discussion after watching the movie together can open up your mind to different views and perspectives of the world.

I got a chance to talk to the Director of the film series class, Professor Jacob Amundson, who said, “It does not take part in a class, or classroom setting but a part of the college culture and it gives students an out of classroom experience.” He also began to explain why student’s should be interested in taking the class by explaining, “It is an academic experience with low stakes. Student’s can take a 1 credit class that includes watching movies and converse about it after.” Movies are free for everyone and are shown at The Globe movie theater located on The Square. You do not need to be enrolled in any class to be able to join, and everyone is welcome to participate. Amundson sends emails regularly giving information about when and what movies are being shown and invites all students to join, so make sure to check for it in your student email.

Students have taken the Cinematic Conversation class into their own hands and created the Underground Cinematic Conversation, which is less of an academic aspect and more about having fun discussing movies. The Underground Cinematic Conversations vote as a club on which movies or what category of movies they want to watch and discuss afterward. It is student-based so you are not being forced to watch a movie you have no interest in. Some movies they have watched in the past are BeetleJuice, Behind The Curve, and The Hate You Give. Bec Williams, a student at Greenville University and Editor for the Underground Cinematic Conversation, says, “It is a fun time because you can watch anything, see how different people view things, and student’s voices are big in conducting it.” Most of the time they meet at Maves Art Center and watch the movies at The Globe Theater.

Media by Justin Reyes

The Underground Cinematic Conversation is a great way to enjoy a free movie, meet new people, and unpack them. There is no risk in joining or attending these movie events and is highly recommended if you’re a movie lover!


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