Dani Pearce: Outstanding Senior Female Athlete

Dani Pearce with her award Source: Ellie Cummins

Greenville University women’s soccer alumna Danielle Pearce was recently awarded the June Strahl Award. This award is presented to an ‘outstanding senior female athlete.’ Greenville determines this based on the recipient’s involvement in athletics and on academic achievement. It also represents Christian leadership, character, commitment, and loyalty to Greenville University and its athletic program. Pearce communicated her excitement after receiving the award. “I feel very proud and accomplished. I did not expect to get this award. I think I know all the athletes in my class, and plenty of them meet the prestige of this award, so I feel honored to even be in the circle of girls that I know who have had to have been put up for this award as well.” 

Dani Pearce playing during her four years at Greenville University
Source: B.J. Schneck

Pearce had made various accomplishments while playing for the Greenville women’s soccer team. While she received awards and recognition from the NCAA for her excellent offensive stats, she also received awards for academic purposes. “Some of the accomplishments over the years obviously include my goals and assist stats, but I think what I’m most proud of stat-wise is the fact that I played every single game that the women’s program had over the four years I was here. I never had to sit out for being injured or suspended,” Pearce said. She played in 81 games, scored 48 career goals, and assisted her teammates on the field 41 times. These stats are highly impressive and Pearce continues to humble herself by revealing, “We have a core value on the women’s team and that is ‘team over individual.’ This is a value that I constantly felt challenged with in my decision making. I’m not saying that I did this perfectly, but the fact that I got to play in every single game is my measurement that for the majority of the time, I did choose team over individual on and off the field.”

Currently, Pearce is the graduate assistant for the Greenville University women’s soccer team. She desires to take what she learned as a collegiate student-athlete and share it with others and hopes to make a difference in their lives. Pearce shared, “My future goals include making a difference in whatever organization I’m a part of. I want to take my work ethic and values that I’ve learned in sports so that I can be a team member that influences others’ attitudes and work positively.” 

Dani Pearce receiving the award from Tom Ackerman, Director of Athletics.
Source: Ellie Cummins

Her past and current teammates speak highly of her in every aspect. She has dedicated many years to soccer and has grown to learn about herself through the sport. Pearce spoke of the numerous people and coaches who have supported and motivated her to become the athlete that she is. “My dad is the one who taught me how to take care of my body with my diet and my workouts. I have to give him a lot of the credit for me being able to play in every single game. He is also the one who taught me how to work hard outside of practice, and he did not do this by setting expectations for me, but by simply sharing with me the workouts he did as a collegiate athlete and how it set him apart from others.” Overall, Pearce has worked hard and given thanks to those who have been there through it all with her. After she has completed her two years of graduate school, she plans to make an impact wherever she ends up next.

Media by Ellie Cummins.


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