DM Crew Goes To D.C.

Media by Ryan Nelson.

Journalism as a whole has changed through the age of technology. However, no matter the format, one thing that remains constant is the need for people to be news writers, editors, and photographers. Over 1600 journalists and photographers from around the country met for the National College Media Convention at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Washington, D.C. this past week. A group of six students and two professors from Greenville University embarked on this trip beginning on Wednesday, October 30th. The convention lasted three days, consisting of over 275 seminars, several publication contests, and lots of networking. Journalism students came hunting for good stories, internships, and advice with this opportunity.

Media by Marissa Gomez.

The first day in D.C. called for some rainy weather and a trip to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Students also attended three sessions in the afternoon to kick off the convention.  Junior and Digital Media Director of the Papyrus, Ryan Nelson, gave some insight into his first impression of the convention sessions. “I thought the speakers were very informative and they offered unique ideas and perspectives of ways to help out our students that are involved with the Papyrus and Vista.” 

Aside from the number of sessions, one of the highlights of the convention was the keynote speakers in attendance. These included a few notable names in the journalism industry such as Marty Baron, current editor of The Washington Post. Baron gave insight on his leadership at the Post, and his journey from a journalist to an editor. Additionally, NPR’s Nina Totenberg offered some words of advice on her coverage of political affairs and specifically, Supreme Court. She told many stories of her close work with Supreme Court justices and offered key points on how to cover such topics. 

Greenville students also participated in a critique by college professors of the student-led media publications, the Papyrus and The Vista. This critique gave students an opportunity to get feedback on previous editions of the Vista and current articles of the Papyrus. 

Other members that participated in the trip included Prof. Deloy Cole (Professor of Digital Media), Dr. Courtney Bailey Parker (Professor of English), Shelby Farthing, Eve York, Marissa Gomez, Reaghan Lesh, and Lauren Eagleson

Media by Ryan Nelson.

One of the most important things that members were assured of at the convention was this: news stories are important to everyone – students, professors, administration, alumni, parents, and those with ties to the university. The DM crews and Editors hopes to bring their audiences relevant news as effectively and efficiently as possible with the tips, tricks, and news-covering strategies brought back from the convention. 

To see the work that Greenville University writers are doing, visit the Papyrus website and follow the GU Papyrus on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to keep up with campus and national news. Also, look out for the issue of the Vista to come out this semester.

If you are a GU student and would like to be involved with the Papyrus as a writer or photographer, reach out to chief editors Lauren Eagleson, Emma Wieland, or Ryan Nelson. 


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