First Time in Greenville Snow? Here’s What You Need

Media by Heshimu Wilson.

Are you from a different state than Illinois or a different country than the U.S.? Have you never been in the snow before? Students coming from the south or the west coast may not have had the full winter experience. For example, winters in California usually consist of 65-degree weather being the low with some sprinkle of rain here and there. However, it’s time to prepare for the snow. Here are some tips and tricks for staying warm during the cruel Illinois winter!


Let’s start with the most obvious question one might have when dressing for the day: What the heck is going to keep me warm?! A normal big hoodie is not going to cut it. The wind is too strong and makes even a fleece hoodie feel like all you have on is a t-shirt. You will need a coat, or something big enough to wear over your hoodie. You can find nice winter coats in two places. First, check out Amazon that had good prices and a variety of different colors and styles. Second, look at Walmart in Highland. It might be a little far from Greenville University but you can make it worth the trip by also going for groceries!

Next is pants, socks, and shoes. The key to staying warm is to have layers! Take advice from Rakim Murphy, a Californian who has experienced this Greenville weather for three years now. Murphy said, “Layers are the best option, even if that means wearing shorts then sweats then another pair of sweats. It may sound a little too much, but it is worth it.” It doesn’t matter how you layer up, it just needs to be done. Next is socks and shoes. Wearing double socks if your shoes are not as thick or snow efficient is my best recommendation. Good snowshoes are not the typical Nike or Adidas. Snow boots or any boots can really keep the cold and wet from seeping through. The last thing you want is to be walking around in cold and wet socks!


These items may not be used every day, but they are items that you might want to consider when trying to keep warm. Beanies and scarfs are essential when trying to keep your head, neck and even nose covered from the cold wind. The hood from a sweatshirt is not enough, and some find out the hard way that the wind in the Midwest comes and hits you from every direction! Next, you need to cover your hands. Get a pair of mittens and hand warmers! Recently, hand warmers have been a trending tool used to keep warm. You can keep them in your hands or in your pockets to give it that extra warmth. They are cheap and can be purchased on Amazon or at CVS!

Watch Your Step

Like different weather conditions, the ground changes from what you might not be used to. When it rains you need to watch for puddles, but when it snows and gets icy, you need to watch for black ice spots! When it snows, black ice will appear in certain spots around campus that are very slippery. Be aware of these spots when you are walking from class to class so you do not slip and fall.

Stay warm!



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