GU Inked: Cool Tattoos on Campus

Media By Dustin Phelps.

Tattoos are an expression of art and a person’s story that can be as old as time. Some people find them to be a waste, some find them to be degrading to the body, but so many people now use them as expression of self. While the focus in this article was just a few people, many students on campus shared the sentimental value and importance of the tattoos they have.

Emily Stahl faith tattoo. Media by Dustin Phelps.

The first tattoo introduced is Emily Stahl‘s tattoo. She is a sophomore from Alton, Illinois who is double majoring in criminal justice and psychology. She is also on the Greenville women’s volleyball team. When asked about the tattoo that she has, she said, “I have the word ‘faith’ tattooed in cursive on my ankle and I have had it for about four months now. I wanted to get it close to my foot so that way it shows that I am still trying to continue my walk in faith.” She then followed up with how surprised she was that it did not hurt but was more of a tingle. When asked if she planned on getting more, she replied with, “I do. I plan on getting a lily. The lily was the favorite flowers of one of my best friends who passed away. I knew her for about six years and she just had a large impact on my life and it would be great just to have a piece of her with me at all times.”

Justin Reyes’ King Lion Tattoo. Media by Justin Reyes.

Another student with an awesome tattoo is Justin Reyes of Downey, California. This is Justin’s first year at Greenville University as he just transferred in from El Camino College in Torrance, California. He is a junior on the men’s basketball team. Reyes’ tattoo piece is a portrait of a lion wearing a crown on his left arm. When asked about the inspiration behind his tattoo, he said, “I chose a lion because my sign is Leo and my last name, Reyes, in Spanish means Kings, so I decided to put a crown on the lion.” Reyes has several other pieces, but he talked about how that one has the most meaning to him as it is more personal. He said that his tattoos are a storyboard of his life. Reyes plans on getting more just in due time as he does not want to rush it, but find something that really means something and is worth putting on his body permanently.

These are just a couple of the featured tattoos that GU has around campus. There are many more that can be looked into, all with their own stories to be told. Tattoos have become more than just putting pictures on your skin, but a way for stories to come to life. They allow people to express themselves freely, commemorate people and moments, and make art come to life. Everyone has a story to tell and tattoos are just one of the ways people tell them.

Media by Dustin Phelps.


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