Meet Jordan Frey, Greenville Men’s Basketball Manager

Media by Derreion Twitty.
Media by Derreion Twitty.

Jordan Frey was a high school graduate of Greenville High School in 2017. The first time Frey got the manager position at Greenville was his senior year in the 2016-2017 season. “How I got this job was from the STEP program through my high school. The STEP program is a work experience program that helps students with disabilities prepare to transition to employment and community participation during and after high school,” said Frey. Frey hopes to do this in the future years too.

Here is some of the work that he does as a manager:

  • Practice:
    • Runs the clock for drills like the cardinal drill, barrage, score 185 in 3 minutes and different scrimmages they do.
    • Keeps the floor dry when somebody falls and gets sweat on the floor so nobody slips and gets hurt from the wet spot on the floor.
    • Grabs the speaker from Coach Barber’s office.
    • Sometimes get the scoreboard from Coach Mulholland’s office.
    • Sets up chairs and a table for the water and scoreboard.
  • Games:
    • Keeps track of 3 point shots.
    • All total shots.
    • Tells Coach Barber if they are on pace to get their goals accomplished.
Media by Derreion Twitty.

After the 2017 season, Frey got a job at EF Express in Highland, IL doing data entry in the freight billing department. He also works for STATS, LLC in the NHL Red Light reporting program. During the hockey season, he gets assigned to NHL games to watch. When the team scores, he records the goal onto his computer and that triggers the Budweiser red light to go off. On the user side, when their favorite NHL team scores a goal, their light goes off and makes the sound like the horn at their home rink.

Here is a link to the story that describes the story behind the Budweiser red light.

This year Frey missed being the manager of the Greenville University Men’s Basketball team so he asked Coach George Barber if he could be the manager again. Coach Barber said yes and he became a manager for a second time. Frey said, “I love to be around the game of basketball. I like to hang out with the players and coaches. It is awesome to be part of such a great group of guys that are fun to be around that I don’t have any problems with.”

Frey has gone to the College World Series in the last 11 years. He has a shirt collected for all 88 teams he has seen play. His brother, Drew Frey, plays baseball at Greenville University and is a middle infielder. One unique thing about Frey is that he was baptized in the log chapel at the University of Notre Dame because his parents both graduated from there. Some hobbies he likes to do are watching T.V. You can see him watching his sports teams like basketball, baseball, and football. He likes to watch the college gameday for basketball and football. His favorite show that is not sports is “The Big Bang Theory”.

Media by Derreion Twitty.


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