Women’s Basketball Gets a Big Win Over St. Mary of the Woods

Media by Wyatt Boyer.

GU Women’s Basketball is BACK! The Women’s Basketball team is 1-3 in the early season and is led in scoring by three of the talented underclassmen that the coaching staff has brought to Greenville University. Those players are sophomore Clarissa Duebel, and freshmen Madelyn Stephen and Emily Reinneck. GU has leaders that are providing help as well and one of the leaders is senior captain Brittany Lopez. With Lopez, the captains are being very supportive to the underclassmen that are performing and giving their all with a lot of their key players being injured to start the long season and right before the SLIAC conference games start. 

To see the Lady Panthers stats, visit their page.

Media by Wyatt Boyer.

The first two games that the GU Panthers had were against Milikin and Illinois College at the historic Westminster Gym in Fulton, Missouri. These two games played were hard-fought games and were very close games. The Panthers fell by seven in the first game and five points in the second game. GU Lady Panthers are looking to bounce back against their next few opponents and those opponents need to watch out!

Media by Wyatt Boyer.

On November 14th, the Panthers had their first home game against St. Mary of the Woods and won that game by a score 91-75. The GU Panthers were lead by Stephen who came off the bench with 23 points and grabbed 14 rebounds, shooting 62% from the field and finishing perfectly from the line. From the starting lineup, GU had two players in double figures. Reinneck and Duebel combined for 29 points and 15 rebounds, Duebel grabbing 11 of those.

In this game, the GU Panthers started hot in the first quarter by scoring 30 points, and the second quarter ended with St. Mary of the Woods taking a one point lead going into halftime. third quarter was won by St. Mary of the Woods again taking the lead into the fourth. This is where the Panthers showed their muscles and outscored the Pomeroys 23 to 13 to take the game by 16 points. 

Papyrus reporter Wyatt Boyer got a chance to talk to Coach Roy Mulholland and seniors Hannah Krukewitt and Rachel Fettig. Boyer talked to Coach Mulholland about his thoughts on the mentality going into the game 0-2, having key players injured, and improvements that he wants the team to make for the next game. Boyer asked Krukewitt about how the team looked from her perspective and if she has team goals for this season. Boyer asked Fettig how she feels about the first win of the year as a senior and how the team looks compared to other years. Click the video down below to see their responses!

Media by Wyatt Boyer.

Their next game is at Lincoln Christian University on November 26th. Wish luck to the Lady Panthers and look forward to a great season this year!

To keep up with the GU Women’s Basketball team, visit their website.

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Media by Wyatt Boyer.


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