A Quiet Night of Radio and Relaxation with WGRN

Radio & Relaxation Event with WGRN. Media by Noah Thuma.

Often, the best way to get through the final few weeks of the semester are the simplest methods. Greenville students are extremely fortunate in that regard. There are frequently a plethora of semester-end events on and around campus to help ease the stress and anxiety associated with final due dates, massive projects, and of course, final exams. For some students, one such event was the Christmas Radio and Relaxation event, hosted this past Tuesday by Greenville University’s Student Radio Station – WGRN.

While often overlooked in the sea of emails directed to the [All Students] tab, WGRN is one of the most hardworking and busiest student-led groups on campus. While the team plans and hosts a number of events every semester, providing a DJ and live music for several other events with the school, they also keep fresh music pumping through the station, keep ads and spoken content frequent and engaging, and host several student-run shows live on air every week. Naturally though, the station’s work on-air can only draw so much attention from the student body, which is where many of their events come in to the picture. While the main purpose of events like Radio and Relaxation is certainly centered around drawing in a crowd and giving back to the community, it is also an opportunity for recruitment, and getting more students involved in some capacity with the radio station.

A group of students enjoy their evening by playing a game of Munchkin. Media by Noah Thuma.

The Radio and Relaxation series of events started sometime last year, under the supervision of both then-and-current Events Manager for WGRN, sophomore Gidget Wade. The main focus of the Christmas Radio and Relaxation event, in her words, was to “have a casual come-and-go environment where people can just come and relax, and get in the holiday spirit.” Some students were enjoying a game of Munchkin, while others were there just to take in the atmosphere, cool their jets however they could, and enjoy some fun, holiday-themed music. Wade kindly sat down for an interview during the event, in which she also talked about upcoming events for the station, the original motivation for starting events like R&R, and a rough idea on when to expect to hear more from the station about these events. You can listen to that interview below.

Interview with Gidget Wade. Media by Noah Thuma.

For some students, WGRN may just be another email in their inbox that they delete without opening, but for others, it has provided another small family on campus and one that is always looking to grow. WGRN hosts a significant number of events every semester, from Rowdy County, to Radio and Relaxation, to their annual Halloween Bash. The station is always super excited to see new faces come around. Be sure to keep on the lookout for future events next semester, as these events are great opportunities to relax, make some new friends, and maybe even become part of a small family with WGRN.


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