Dunder Mifflin Midnight Breakfast Coming Soon

Promo art for Midnight Breakfast. Media by Noah Thuma.

As the semester winds down to an end and stress begins to boil over, Greenville University students frequently have at least one big event to look forward to attending. For many students, that event is the biannual Midnight Breakfast, held once every semester in the Dining Commons on campus.

Prone To Wander
Prone To Wander performing in the blackroom earlier this semester. Media by Skylur Cullinane.

Organized by GSGA, Midnight Breakfast is a Greenville tradition in which students can attend a live concert, usually the Thursday evening prior to finals week. Students will be be served breakfast foods by their professors and other faculty, win free prizes when they enter the attendance raffle (you must be present to win), and spend an evening forgetting about the stresses of schoolwork. Unlike other schools with comparable year-end concerts and festival-style activities, the live music is provided by fellow GU students and community members, usually in the form of student-led lab bands or the Fusion Ensemble. However, there is the occasional surprise, like last fall’s Red Button Rebellion group, which was led by Erika Naes and Nathan Kriebel, and was comprised mostly of GU faculty members.

Mikayla Hoult has assembled a sizable crew for her performance at Midnight Breakfast. Media by Noah Thuma.

This year’s lineup will consist of Taylor Harpster, who frequently performs much more low-key, intimate shows. Prone To Wander will be performing as well. They are made up of music students Brian Wells, Moses Leininger, JJ Smith, and Alec Biggs. They have performed everything under the sun from their own eclectic compositions to High School Musical tracks to classic hits by bands like the Jonas Brothers. Last but not least, Mikayla Hoult will be performing as well. Hoult revealed in an interview that her set, in particular, will be significantly different from her typical Blackroom shows, where she has historically performed more stripped-down, acoustic sets with her husband Jake. An interview with Hoult is available for listening below.

Interview with Mikayla Hoult about Midnight Breakfast.
Media by Noah Thuma

In addition to a new live entertainment lineup every semester, the theme of the event also changes as well, and this year the theme is to be centered around the hit TV show and streaming mega-success The Office. Students who are keen on getting some Greenville-meets-Dunder Mifflin swag should definitely come out to Midnight Breakfast. The first 50 students to arrive at the event will even get a free t-shirt, designed by fellow GU students Reaghan Lesh and Kenzie Schwab! “Usually in the fall, GSGA tries to pick a theme centered around a show that students really like. The Office hasn’t been done before, so I wanted to try to do something that would inspire students to come to the event,” said Schwab, GSGA Vice President of Campus Activities. As far as other tie-ins between the event and its theme, it’s usually anyone’s guess as to what GSGA has cooked up this semester, but it is certain to be a great time.

Midnight Breakfast of Fall 2019 will be held in the Dining Commons on Thursday, December 5th starting at 10:30 p.m., but students are welcome to line up well ahead of that time.


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