GU Volleyball’s Newest Alumna: Maci Bonacorsi

Maci Bonacorsi with her back to the camera, showing her number 23 jersey during a volleyball game.
Number 23, Maci Bonacorsi, in one of her senior year matches. Media by Hannah Krukewitt.

Judges 18:6 “And the priest said to them, “Go in peace. The journey on which you go is under the eye of the Lord.”

With women’s volleyball season over, this marks a new chapter for one player on the team. Senior Maci Bonacorsi’s volleyball career at GU has come to an end as she turns the page to a new chapter of her life. Maci looks to graduate this year with a major in Marketing and a minor in Graphic Design. Life after college can be daunting and filled with uncertainty. In an interview with Maci, she shares some of her thoughts on becoming a GU alumnus and what she plans to do when she leaves Greenville.

Media by Maci Bonacorsi.

Bonacorsi is still deciding on what she wants to do after college but says she will most likely work for her parents at their jewelry store JBloom. She is also looking forward to getting more experience and getting her career started, she explained when asked about her future plans. When asked how the idea of graduating and leaving GU is sitting with her, she said she is excited to enter the workforce after college. She was caught in between responding with, “Thinking about being done with school is weird because starting the real word may be scary, but overall I’m excited to see what God has in store for me.”

Bonacorsi plans on coming to all the volleyball games to show her love and support for the team once women’s volleyball season rolls around once again since her younger sister Mia plays on the varsity team. “I love them all too much to never come back!” As one could imagine, it is often difficult to leave the sport you love after all the time you have invested in it. When asked what she will miss most about the sport she said, “I will miss spending every day with my best friends and sharing the court with my team.”

Bonacorsi family. Media by Maci Bonacorsi.

In search of an alumnus perspective, we decided to turn to assistant women’s volleyball coach Ivan Estevez. Coach Estevez graduated from Greenville in 1998 with a degree in Spanish and Physical Education. He has been coaching at GU since 1998 and his family has been affiliated with the school for several years. His mother was a professor for over 10 years, his dad worked at the DC, his brother Edwin was a professor/administrator, and his sister also attended GU. Coach said, “Greenville University has been a big part of my life.”

Maci with her coaches.
Media by Maci Bonacorsi.

Coach describes being a coach and alumnus as great and hopes that all student-athletes do not take their opportunities for granted. “As a coach, I’m grateful for Brian Reinhard and Coach Ackerman for giving me opportunities to coach GU softball and volleyball.” This is what the coach had to say about what stands out to him about GU as an alumnus. He also appreciates all the relentless work the coaches and professors at GU put into making college unforgettable experiences for both students and athletes.

Her coach spoke highly of Bonacorsi, saying, “Maci is such a bright and smart person who comes from a wonderful family. She will do great in life.” The only advice he gives her for life after college is to be herself and trust in God. He also said that Bonacorsi will be missed on and off the court. Her leadership, great attitude, honesty, and the way she treated everyone including the coaches are just a few of her attributes that they will miss.


  1. All of these articles are fantastic. I really enjoyed the one of saying goodbye to the senior’s. Good information on the team and players.


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