GUWS Road to The Championship

Coach Wardlaw at the Fontbonne game Media by Ellie Cummins.
Greenville at Webster
Media by Lauren Joseph.

Saturday, November 2, the Greenville University women’s soccer team played their last conference season game against Webster University. This game was a major one for the Lady Panthers because it decided what seed they would place at the end of the season tournament.

The ladies battled it out with the Gorloks for 89 long minutes, hoping to go into overtime. Sadly, the Lady Gorloks finished a slim opportunity with thirteen seconds left in the game to get a win over the Panthers 1-0. Both Greenville and Webster ended their conference season with a record of 7-1-1, placing Greenville as the second seed moving into the tournament. This was upsetting, yet motivating for the Panthers because they realized who they were sharing the conference title with. 

Media by Lauren Joseph.

Greenville had a four-day gap to gather themselves and prepare to take on Fontbonne University for the semi-final game on Thursday, November 8 at 5:30 pm. The Lady Panthers started out the match slower than usual allowing Fontbonne to score a quick goal at the eight-minute mark. Greenville held each other together and kept fighting to execute. At forty-three minutes, Kate Arthur scored her eighth conference season goal from outside the eighteen off of a free-kick, tying the game up 1-1. This quickly shifted the Lady Panthers’ momentum and gave them a little more hope to win. At the half, Wardlaw had made a few changes on the field substituting freshmen, Athena Hagerman and Jordan Wilson, for sophomore, Molly McDonnell, and junior, Jade Taylor. Two minutes later, Hagerman had a beautiful cross into the box that was finished by freshman, Jen De Leon. This put the Lady Panthers up 2-1 however, the goal was scored early in the half so Fontbonne still had time to attempt a goal. Fontbonne had several opportunities, but couldn’t execute their game plan. The Panthers stepped up their game and played solid defense for the rest of the half to end up with a huge win over Fontbonne University. The ladies rushed the field in excitement in knowing that they had just beat Fontbonne and were going to the championship. 

Junior Megan Taylor
Media by Lauren Joseph.

Finally, the big day had come and the Panthers were hyped to be able to get another opportunity to take down Webster, although, this time, the win meant something bigger for both of the teams. As the ladies walked onto the pitch, you could feel the intensity arise from both sides. Clearly, there was some unfinished business that needed to be taken care of. Throughout the first half, Greenville somewhat kept up with Webster in shots which were 6-11 and possession was evenly matched within both teams. By the end of the first half, both teams went scoreless into the second half. Both teams were highly motivated to come out on top because of the ridiculous amount of fouls being called. It was literally a physical battle to see which team wanted it the most. In the second half, both Greenville and Webster ended with 10 fouls each. At the eighty-fifth minute of the game, Webster shot but it was blocked by Greenville’s senior goalkeeper, Marjory Coates. However, Webster was determined to finish the rebound and scored their first goal of the game. Greenville didn’t give up so easily and kept fighting until the very last second. As upsetting as it was, Greenville ended up with a tough loss against Webster University in the SLIAC championship game. 

Freshman Jen De Leon De Leon
Media by Lauren Joseph.

The Greenville University women’s soccer team has come a long way this season and definitely proved their worth in the conference. The Lady Panthers started their non-conference season with a record of 3-5-1, whereas they ended their conference season 7-1-1 and with a shared conference title.

Media by Ellie Cummins


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