Women’s Basketball Turns It Around

A few of the women's basketball players in a fun mirror photo.
Some Lady Panthers. Media by Hannah Krukewitt.

After a 1-3 start to the season, the Greenville Lady Panthers have turned it around and are sitting at .500 with a record even at 4-4, after going 1-1 this past weekend at the Washington University McWilliams Classic, falling to Wash U and beating Hendrix College. The next game is Saturday, December 14th and the team will begin their Christmas break after their game at Fontbonne University on Saturday afternoon.

A huddle during the first home game of the season.
Media by Wyatt Boyer.

Brittany “B Lo” Lopez was able to provide further insight and a closer look at how the season is going so far. Lopez is a senior team captain and starting guard for her team. One of her main focuses this season is to help develop and build confidence in the underclassmen! They have such a young group working together right now and she thinks it’s important that as a senior, she gives them all the insight possible. That way she can help them to continue to lead the program to future success! 

When asking the senior team captain what she thinks the team can improve on, she said from what she has seen the group needs to improve on the defensive end. According to her, they are still in the early stage of the season where they are still trying to figure each other out a little bit. However, she is more than confident that after a couple more games, everything will click for them. “I’m actually very excited to see just how far this team can go”, she tells us.

The 2019-2020 Greenville University Women’s Basketball team.
Media by Greenville University Athletic Department.

Some advice she has for the underclassmen is to enjoy every second! Enjoy every sprint, every down and back, every pyramid, and every moment together. She had taken for granted parts and pieces of the game that she has now learned to love simply because her time with the game is coming to an end. “Don’t waste time being frustrated, mad and upset like I did as an underclassman.” Urges her teammates to buy into the program, be a good teammate, compete at a high level, and everything else will fall into place.

Sophomore Haven Robertson told the Papyrus a little about the difference between this year’s team and last year’s. As opposed to last year, they are a much faster and scrappy team. “We have some very talented freshmen that are playing big minutes for us and we are excited about that.” They are also leading the conference in fewest turnovers right now. 

As a team, they knew they were going to have to make some changes to the defense. They knew that the opposing shots would come and their own shots would fall, so they had to find a way to fine-tune the defense. Robertson also said, “We have worked on being consistent following the rules on the defensive end, lots of talking on defense (“if you’re not talking, you’re not playing defense” –Coach Mo), and executing our offenses.”

With our lady Panther’s season just getting started, there is still plenty of time to show the team some love and support! The next two games are against Fontbonne this Saturday at 1 pm and January 4 at 12 pm.

Media by Hannah Krukewitt.


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