Apex Legends Introduces Season 4

Media by Joe Smith.

Apex Legends is a massive multiplayer online battle royale game that has recently come out with many changes this season. Season four brought new things to play with and some changes to the old things we know and love.

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New to Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment has introduced some new game-changers to the roster of already great weapons and characters. The first new addition is the weapon the Sentinel. The Sentinel is a bolt-action sniper rifle that has been a blessing to many throughout this season. The Sentinel is the only bolt-action sniper to come to Apex Legends since the Kraber and pumps out enough damage to make it a must-have weapon for the far-range trades. The Sentinel has also been the only weapon with the ability to charge up its shots. You can charge it with a shield battery and once you do, it gains disruptor rounds like what was on the Alternator in King’s Canyon. Disrupting rounds means that the shots are able to do more damage to shields. This allows for even more body shots to break apart shields and allow your team to melt your opponents before they even know what is happening. If you are someone who has trouble getting headshots, you could benefit from this, because as long as the shot is on shields, a body shot does 100 instead of 65. Along with the Sentinel came a new character named Revenant. He was one of the best assassins in the outlands until Hammond Technologies did experiments on him and turned him into a menace. Revenant will be discussed more in a different article because he is worth much more attention.

Old Becomes New

Media by Dexerto.

The first major change involves the ranking system. The ranking system has not changed much except for an added master tier, which is basically the old Apex Predator rank. Apex Predator is now a more competitive rank in which you have to be in the top 500 players on a platform. This means that you must be one the best on either Xbox One, Playstation 4, or PC, so you will have to keep playing in order to keep your spot locked in. Another change is that the L-Star and Devotion have swapped places. The Devotion is now a care package-only weapon and the only weapon that has the turbocharger available to it because it was removed as an attachment. The L-Star can now be found as a normal loot item, but it has a new mechanic to it that did not exist before. It can fire as many times as you have energy ammo. The only downside is if you fire for too long then you have to let the gun cool down. It is a cool mechanic that has made the L-Star very strong this season. In order to counter the sniper meta that was going on last season, Respawn decided to implement the system of sniper ammo. This is ammo that goes universally to all snipers except the Kraber and the changed scout. The sniper ammo can only stack to twenty shots, so it is a huge inconvenience to carry too much of it in your inventory. This stops teams from just perching up and sniping for long periods of time. As mentioned before, the scout was reworked and counted as an assault rifle now, meaning that instead of the sniper attachments, it gets the normal attachments that go for everything else. This change was primarily made to balance the scout. The last major change is the map has become one big construction site. Certain areas have been destroyed and others have been replaced entirely. Respawn also added crevices around the map that push you up with a heated draft that damages you the longer you are in it instead of instantly killing you.

Ranking System. Media by EA


With tons of new content, this new season is shaping up to be super exciting. This is just the testing stage to see how everything works out and there could be changes made in the future via balance patches. Do not let that stop you from using what you have fun with, though! See you out there, legends!

An interview with, Antwon Knight, one of the Apex legends esports players here on campus. Media by Joe Smith.


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