Dragon Ball FighterZ: Who Do We Need Now?

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The time has come for another season of Dragon Ball FighterZ. That means FighterZ Pass 3 with brand new content. The announcement trailer was great, with the surprise announcement of who the first two fighters to come will be. We are getting the first canon female Saiyan fusion, Kefla, on February 28th. Many fans have wanted her in a game ever since she was introduced. She was added to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, but FighterZ is missing a lot of Super characters. We are also getting Goku [Mastered Ultra Instinct] sometime this spring. This will be the best form of Goku to have in order to fight Jiren and Beerus at full power. Even though some fans are sick of Goku at this point, at least each variation has different moves and not just a clothing change.

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Speaking of missing Super characters, there are plenty that players would love to have in the game. Starting off this list is Toppo. For those who are unaware of who Toppo is, he is a member of the Universe 10 that was used in the Tournament of Power. He was also nominated to be a God of Destruction, which gave him god-like power. Think about the possibility of having a candidate and an actual god (Beerus) fight in the game. Also, Frieza could finally get a rematch. Toppo humiliated Freiza and would have eliminated him if not for Android 17. Toppo was eliminated because of Vegeta’s Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Evolution. We could also get this version of Vegeta, as this form has only been seen in the anime. His ultimate move could be the move he used to knock out Toppo, and of course, have a mix of his other moves. It is unlikely that this form will make it into the game, but it would be nice to see it get more attention.

The current roster for Fighterz
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The next character that would intrigue fans is Master Roshi. Master Roshi would be a great fit because he has a bunch of moves that could be used for support. The quotes for Roshi interacting with his students and some of the villains would also be entertaining. Keep in mind that for Season 2, there was a survey with 4,099 votes. 3,216 of those voted Master Roshi as the fighter that most people wanted to be added. Instead, we got a top sixteen vote, which was Videl, and another top sixteen, which was Great Saiyaman. He comes in as a part of her moves and supports her. We could definitely see fighters like Pan, Omega Shenron, Super Saiyan 4 Goku, Vegeta, and Gogeta, who was wanted by at least 52.46 % of the survey previously mentioned.

Another fighter from Universe 6 would be Cabba. Cabba has a ton of moves that could be in the game to make him a nice fighter. He is in Xenoverse 2, but it would be nice pairing him up with Kefla and Hit to have the Universe 6 squad. Raditz is one fighter who has been left out of the game as well. The first villain was so strong that it took Goku sacrificing himself to beat him. Pikkon would also be a great character to add to the roster. Pikkon was powerful enough to knock out Cell, King Cold, and Frieza. He came right in and made the world know what he is capable of. It would definitely be a good opportunity to play with him in this game. Last on the list is Dabura. He already beat Krillin and Piccolo with the Stone Spit Technique. He is also a fan favorite, having more votes than plenty of fighters that were put in. To end this wishlist is Tapion, who is the reason Trunks has his signature sword. This new season would also be a good opportunity to add new stages and more characters that can have an exciting team combo with the assists and special moves. It will be exciting to see the new content that is in store for fans.

Dragon Ball FigherZ World Tour Finals (Grand Final)
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