Dragon Ball Z Super: Return of a Universe Angel?

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Dragon Ball has been one of the well known Anime manga series made by Akira Toriyama and produced by Toei Animation. They are releasing the first episodes out of 325 chapters but I am not here to talk about any of those episodes. Instead, I am going to talk about the more current ones where they are continuing the manga for Dragon Ball Z Super. I will start with the end of the Super. For those who haven’t seen DBZ Super, or if you are watching it now you should scroll a little further down because this is a recap of the end of the last episode of the Super. Goku and Universe 7 won the Tournament of Power because of Andriod 17 who didn’t get erased. Goku then wished for all universes who were erased to be returned. In the end, Beerus, the God of destruction then asked The Angel of Universes 7 who all 18 has to resurrect, Frieza, to help to fight in the tournament of power and win it. The episode ended with Goku and Vegeta fighting at their full power, similar to how they fought when they first met. This was a good end to an episode where they put a lot of time and effort into making it interesting for the fans of the manga today.

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The Omni King was angry at some of the Universes because of unknown reasons, although we can collect some insight from Omni from previous episodes. He said he was angry and erased 6 other Universes in the process of his anger. He’s the one who made the Tournament of Power and he has the power to erase anything that he sees out of order or not godly. This begins the return of Universe 13 Angel and a whole lot of problems for the heroes of the Universe 7, Goku and Vegeta. Goku is the one that the Omni King and who he likes the most because he treats him like he’s a friend and not like someone he should suck up to.

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This news from the manga is that the angel is from Universe 13 and that he comes from an evil universe. He’s mad and wants revenge for his universe and vengeance for himself from when he was to be erased. He sees Goku as a target. He is the closest to the Omni King and the Angel and God of Destruction, Beerus. After seeing immense power coming from the Saiyan from Earth, he now sees that Goku could be a good use for him to get his revenge from the Omni King and others who wronged him and his Universe.

After an interview with Antwon Knight about the new manga, he thinks that hopefully, Super is trying to make it after the Tournament of Power and to the end of DBZ Super. He thinks they should head in this direction. After all that happens and after the wish that Android 17 made, they should bring back all the universes. Knight is quoted saying, “This could be a great direction for the story to progress in a way that multiple new universes that were already destroyed can come back because of what Android 17 wished for.” This brings in more characters that fans could enjoy like they did when they made super characters like Hit, Jiren, and more that we all love to this day.

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