It’s Tennis Season!

Media by Michael Butler.

With spring right around the corner, tennis season is coming up quickly. Senior captain Courtney Blaser has had some time to reflect on her tennis team’s loss last year. She is on a mission to do everything in her power to not lose her final match again.

Courtney Blaser interview.
Media by Michael Butler.
Courtney Blaser
Media by Courtney Blaser.

The women’s tennis head coach is Brett Brannon. He is fired up about his team because they almost won the conference championship last year, and all of the starters are coming back this year. Brannon said he wouldn’t be surprised if they went undefeated this year in an interview. Listen to it below.

Interview with Coach Brannon.
Media by Michael Butler.

The tennis team was a match away from winning their first conference. The question is: can they finish the mission?

Tennis season
Media by Michael Butler.


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