New Coach In The Ville

Tennis racket. Media by Michael Butler.

The team captain, Courtney Blaser, is fired up with the rest of the team as they welcome Coach Wolf to the program. Coach Brannon and Coach Wolf are extremely close according to the players that are in the tennis program. The team is very thrilled to have him, which is a good thing going into this season.

Interview with Courtney Blaser about Coach Wolf.

Coach Brannon has four Coach of the Year awards, and it seems like he knows what he’s doing with the program. According to Jeff Janssen, “It takes a well-organized coach to continually plan, orchestrate, monitor and adjust all these factors throughout a season. Building and sustaining an elite program does not happen by accident. It necessitates a comprehensive and complete system of people and processes all aligned toward success”. A good program can’t change overnight. Everything takes time and patience. 

Media by Michael Butler

According to Blaser, it seems the team likes the hire that Coach Brannon made. Time will tell if it will be a success with this new hire in place. The team has enjoyed the presence of the new coach.


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