Revenant, The Outlands Assassin, Guide: Part 1 (Apex Legends)

Revenant is looking pretty crazy, huh? Media by Joe Smith.

With the release of Apex Legends Season 4 came a new character that received very mixed opinions. Revenant used to be the best assassin in the outlands, but after experiments from Hammond Technologies, he was turned into a cyborg that is programmed to kill. In order to channel his bloodlust, Revenant hunts down executives of Hammond Technologies to get revenge. To better control who he kills, he was placed in the Apex Games to keep his murderous tendencies contained within the confines of the playfield. It is a cool backstory for an interesting character that brings some awesome new mechanics into the game. Revenant is a very enjoyable character and has been studied to find how to play with him most effectively. If you want to learn how to play Revenant, you came to the right place.

Revenant’s Abilities

Revenant’s tactical ability “Silence” in action. Media by BestGamingSettings.

Revenant has a diverse kit that contains elements of support, aggression, and shut down all in one. Revenant’s passive ability is called Stalker. Stalker allows Revenant to move faster than normal when he is crouch-walking and also lets him climb walls higher than the normal character. This allows for an important utility in the form of mobility. The extra crouch-walk speed is great for when you need to heal at a distance and you start getting fired at. It will make it far more difficult for the opponent to get you in a bad spot if you move unpredictably and fast enough. Crouch-walking tends to be quieter than normal steps and thus makes this passive better for sneaking up on enemies if you need to. The ability to climb higher than any of the other characters gives Revenant the opportunity to create new paths that the enemy would not be expecting. A building that may seem safe to the enemy could be made into a death trap by being able to climb higher and get in behind them. Revenant’s tactical ability is called Silence. Silence brings about a new mechanic into the game that shares a name with this ability. Enemies hit with Silence are silenced for ten seconds. When enemies are silenced, they are not able to use their tactical and ultimate abilities. This is a great ability for obvious reasons. You get to shut down any form of protection or leverage they might have with their abilities with the press of a button. This is an effective tool for team fights and can lead to easy takedowns against people that are usually able to just activate an ability and get out. Another use for this tactical is the ability to crouch behind it and be obscured from enemy view. This tactical sphere lasts for long enough that you can sit behind it and activate a shield battery without being seen. Overall, it is a great ability with a multitude of uses.

Revenant’s ultimate ability “Death Totem”. Media by DOT Esports.

You are probably wondering, “How could Revenant get any better than he already is?” Revenant’s ultimate is called Death Totem. When activated, Revenant places down a shrine of sorts that people can activate again to be put into a thrall-like state. When in this state, you can only take damage to your health, but when you would get downed or die completely, you are put back at the totem with one percent health and any shields that you previously had. If the totem is not hidden well and is too close to the fight, enemies can either destroy the totem and end the death prevention status immediately or wait until they send you back to the totem and rush you to finish you off. Being able to balance a good distance for the totem and being able to hide it are things that come with practice and learning from your experiences as you play and learn the character. If you are not careful enough, the status could run out mid-gunfight and ruin your entire plan, so be sure to keep an eye on the status meter at the bottom of the screen or you may be on the losing end of the fight.

Some clips of me playing Revenant. Media by Joe Smith.

Make sure to check out part two, that goes over the playstyle and whether or not Revenant should be played, coming soon!


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