Why Men Should Be Watching ‘The Bachelor’

Media By Isaiah Atkins.

If you’re someone who scrolls through Twitter on the regular, you already know every Monday night for the next month or two basically every girl you follow will be flooding your feed with something like, “She did not deserve that rose…he deserves to end up with someone way better than her #theBachelor.” If you’re a male that is unwillingly constantly caught up in media posts or conversations about The Bachelor, it’s time you join the ladies on the Monday night drama, and here are three reasons why.

Shows All Women Have a Little Bit Of Crazy To Them

75% of the women on the bachelor are basic “model” status. The other 25% of the contestants who are not up to model status are still your “more-than-average hot girl.” I may be speaking beyond my boundaries as a woman, but I would say most guys’ first instinct is to go for the 75%. On The Bachelor, you get a glimpse of “behind-the-scenes of the hot girl status.” A majority of the time a lot of the girls are crazy; there are a few exceptions, but most of the time, there’s no denying they are completely crazy. That leaves the 25% who are supposedly the “not-as-attractive” ones but are still the “more than average hot girl.” One might assume that these girls are the sane ones, except they actually have a little bit of crazy to them too.

Media by ABC.

No matter the attractiveness of the girl, how well she disguises it, or how nice she is, women all have a little bit of crazy to them. The difference is as follows. There is “psychopath crazy” – the girl who will eliminate any females within a mile radius at any cost, manipulate, and lie to get her way. Then there is “crazy for you” – these are the girls who are so head over heels for you they want nothing but the best for you while walking alongside you in life. The key is finding the difference between the crazies because it can be hard to distinguish. Watching the Bachelor depicts which girls fit under either category very easily.

Helps You Weed Out The Fake Ones

The show is great at highlighting how fake people truly can be. Most of us have been in that love spell where we see nothing wrong with the person we are dating, yet everyone else can see the millions of red flags they have attached to them. From your side of things, things seem to be going great, they are great, and you have nothing to worry about. However, as soon as you turn your back they strut back to their friends and become a totally different person. The Bachelor really puts into perspective the lengths people will go to in order to win you over, even if it means becoming someone you’re not. It is way easier to watch a bad relationship play out on screen and depict all the problems, rather than learn from it the hard way. Men who watch The Bachelor can get a feel for what to watch out for and avoid in relationships.

Media by LifeStyle Magazine.

Teaches You What NOT To Do

Some may say The Bachelor offers you insights on what to do to win a girl over, but let’s be honest, your wallets probably can’t afford a helicopter ride through the jungles of Peru or a private concert with The BackStreet Boys. Quite frankly, most girls don’t want anything extravagant like that anyway. Girls just want to be seen, heard, and appreciated. The best thing The Bachelor has to offer you is what not to do to your girl. The first step is don’t date 30 girls at once. Easy, right…well, not to some people. When watching the show you quickly pick up what is the wrong thing to say and what is the wrong thing to do.

Based on these reasons, men, you should text your lady friends or your bros and ask to join in on Bachelor Mondays. If nothing else, maybe you’ll meet your future soul mate at the viewing party…just make sure to bring a rose to make it official.

Media by the Bachelor.

Media by Isaiah Atkins.


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