Am I Really Playing Revenant Correctly? (Part 2) (Apex Legends)

Are you really playing Revenant correctly? Media by Joe Smith.

This article will go over the play style and effectiveness of Revenant, the newest character in Apex Legends. If you have not read the first part about his abilities, it would be wise to check out part one first. If you already know what his abilities are, go ahead and see what you came to see!

How Should I Play Revenant?

Revenant finisher on octane. Media by MoMo11S.

Revenant is meant to be an assassin, but he does not follow the fighting style of a typical assassin. Revenant is the kind of character that allows you and your team to be aggressive with a pretty good insurance policy. Using the overall utility Revenant’s kit has to offer, you can create great gameplans that come with even greater results. Whenever you are playing Revenant, you should be looking to be aggressive and target whoever you think will be the biggest problem. With your increase in mobility and surprise factor, you can flank the enemy from behind while your team attacks from the front. This will make quick work of your opponents and get you out with minimal damage. Most people tend to panic under the pressure of being rushed and fired at. This is the perfect chance to take advantage of their confusion and take them down one by one. However, not every fight is going to go your way. That is where the insurance policy comes in with Death Totem. If you are about to head into a fight, go ahead and activate your death totem. You and your teammates can go into the thrall state and rush the enemy to lay in some damage safely. Once they send you back to the totem, you can heal your health back up and go straight back in to finish them off. Flanking and using the totem correctly will come more naturally as you play Revenant and learn those basic mechanics firsthand. Revenant is not the kind of character to be played passively. However, that does not make it wise to rush into fights without gaining information first. No matter what character you are playing as, you never want to take a blind fight. You want to be able to identify how many enemies are there, what characters they have on their roster, and what weapons the enemies possess. Having this information will help you plan accordingly and make the fight a lot easier to win.

Gibraltar threatening mirage. Media by Polygon.

Second Opinions

To get some insight from a different player on how Revenant should be played, Antwon Knight, a player on the Apex Legends Esports team, described how he likes to play Revenant. He had this to say:

“I like to the pop the death totem before every fight just to make sure that we can get a second chance to heal up. Some people make it difficult because they won’t take the totem, but instead rush in. If at all possible, I will use the crouch walk to get around the enemies to get the jump on them or I will even use the extra climbing distance to get a better position to help the team.”

A video of a high-rank player trying out Revenant. Media by iTempPlays.


In conclusion, Revenant is a great character that brings a lot to the table. He has an aggressive playstyle that comes with backup options just in case you need a way out, and he fits the style of an assassin wonderfully. Many are saying Revenant is a terrible character, but it seems like they are just unaware of how to use him properly. With the help of this guide, hopefully you are able to improve on your gameplay with Revenant and get plenty of wins. See you out there, legends!


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