Hollywood’s Bleeding: How Post Malone Continues to Rock the Music World.

Media by Isaiah Atkins.

I still remember where I was the first time I heard Post Malone. I was playing pick up basketball with my friends, and the song Congratulations came on over my friend’s Bluetooth speaker.

In the three years since then, Austin Post has released two more albums, the chart-topping Beerbongs & Bentleys, and his latest release, Hollywood’s Bleeding. I enjoyed the former of these, with the up-tempo beats and smooth hip-hop lines and bombastic lyrics.

Elijah Tyszko, a devoted Post Malone fan, shared this take of the new album:

“Hollywood’s Bleeding is one of those albums that captures the entire spectrum of genres from Post Malone. He demonstrates skill at hip-hop, rap, pop, and even alternative rock. His insightful lyrics capture his wide variety of emotions and feelings.”

An interesting piece of the album is that he got Ozzy Osbourne to feature on the album, which he hasn’t done since 2003, but there was a part of it that still felt off. Post references drugs plenty of times, and its almost as if this album is a celebration of his newfound celebrity lifestyle. That created a divide for me.

Media by Post Malone.

As I sit here in my dorm room in a small town in the middle of quite frankly nowhere listening to this new album, it seems as though something has changed in Post. The title alone struck me as something quite revering. It could be in reference to the prevalent drug use among Hollywood stars or the sexual assault cases that seemingly appear every week, but I think it’s deeper than that.

I believe that Post may be coming to grips with his own humanity, a hallowing moment for him as he realizes the deep pain and emotional trauma and darkness that is a consequence of living the celebrity life.

Perhaps, with songs like Goodbyes and Sunflower, he is leaving those who have led him down to this empty place, but the pain and thrill won’t let him truly run away. (Sidenote: his tour is called the Runaway tour.) The song A Thousand Bad Times directly references this conflict as he sings “–you make my life so hard but that’s what gets me up–“.

He is clearly in a challenging position, caught between the upper echelon of the stars who have been doing this for far longer than he has, and those looking up to him as an example of how to make it big. He has experienced remarkable commercial success despite only being 23 years old, and that leaves him with a lot of wait on his shoulders.

I believe Hollywood’s Bleeding offers a look at a man who has it all but is now seeing it all for the first time as well and realizing that the wild lifestyle mentally takes a toll on even the most famous and ambitious stars.

This album serves as a self-reflective look at the past life of Austin Post and the effect of blowing up at such a young age and the pressure to keep creating great music and content while managing his own social life and media.

Perhaps when his next album arrives, he will have found the answers that he is seeking. Hopefully, it will show him victoriously on top but in control this time around. I guess we’ll have to wait and see in 2020 and beyond.

Media by Kevin Winter/getty for DCP.


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