10 Ways to Battle Disney Depression

Media by Ryan Nelson.

1. Visit the Parks Virtually

Disney owns 12 different parks around the world, and you can visit every one of them virtually! Pick a different park to ‘visit’ each day by watching pov walk-through videos to see all of there world-famous rides and entertainment. To truly immerse yourself, put them on a TV or set up a VR set to fell like part of the magic. The best part of going virtually is no more waiting in long lines!

Ride Space Mountain at Walt Disney World! Media by the Coaster Views.

2. Make Favorite Disney Snacks

Disney has recently shared recipes for their famous snacks like churros, Dole Whip, and grilled cheese! These aren’t the only things you can make at home; check out other recipes on the Disney Food Blog for more fun ideas!

3. Binge-Watch Disney+

Check out all the things Disney+ has to offer on its streaming service! Recently, they released Onward and they plan to add more movies soon like Artemis Fowl. Their service also has several original series, as well as all of the Disney classics like Aladdin, Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid, Tarzan, and many more.

Artemis Fowl will be released on Disney+. Media by Honk News.

4. Get Artsy with Disney Crafts

Painting, sewing, and drawing, oh my! There are so many different crafts to do. Look for inspiration on Pinterest to fuel your ideas! Disney fans can create some fun projects like the Winnie the Pooh pots below!

Winnie the Pooh craft ideas. Media by Disney Family.

5. Plan your next Disney Trip

What things did you miss out on from your last trip that you want to do in the future? What new rides will there be to check out next? Did you find a favorite snack you are craving again? Which resort do you want to stay at? All these different parts of a Disney trip go into creating a magical experience and planning can help your family get excited for the next trip!

Plan out your next trip! Media by Pinterest.

6. Read Disney-Related Books

These could be stories based on favorite Disney films or books on how the parks came to be the happiest places on earth. Most Disney movies are based on books. As an avid theme park fan myself, I have been reading Theme Park Design by David Younger, which talks about how the parks are designed and the elements that contribute to making the magic a reality.

Theme Park Design. Media by Ryan Nelson.

7. Sing Favorite Disney Songs

Go to Spotify or Youtube to listen/watch all the amazing songs composed by Disney. These songs are great to listen to while doing exercises and other activities, especially while making Disney crafts!

Disney music videos marathon! Media by Youtube.

8. Look at Pictures from Past Trips

Dig through those old photos and find those pictures from your first trip to Disney as a kid, or from sometime more recent to reminisce on past memories! It will bring out a smile, guaranteed.

9. Follow Popular Disney Fan Blogs

Bloggers are always sharing and posting awesome content to keep their audiences entertained. They are actively creating content on their social media stories and they visit the parks all the time, so you can get a glimpse of what is going on at the most magical place on earth. Check out some of my favorite blogs and their social media accounts including Living by Disney, All Ears Net, and WDW News.

10. Make Home More Disney

There is nothing better than bringing the magic of Disney home. Mary Dagon, a longtime Disney Vacation Club member, shared what she likes to do to make her home feel more Disney. “I like to incorporate Disney collectibles and antiques throughout my home to make it more whimsical. It makes me feel closer to the magic of my favorite Disney destinations.”

Disney collection. Media by Ryan Nelson.

Disney holds a special place in guests’ hearts and for many, it is an escape from reality where they can be a child again and fly to Neverland. It is always hard to say goodbye when the time comes to leave, but it only makes every future visit that much more magical when you return. What ways have you battled the Disney depression? Let me know in the comments below!


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