Earth Day…Digitally

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With the coronavirus pandemic still prevalent, this year’s Earth Day will be celebrated a little bit differently. Cathy Allen, a resident of Lebanon, Illinois answered a few questions on the subject. When asked what she does to celebrate she replied, “I try to take a walk around the local park and I usually plant a few flowers around this time.” With that, Allen mentioned ways others could get involved. “Recycle and pick up trash even if it is not yours.”

Earth Day.
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What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is a yearly celebration on April 22 that promotes environmental awareness and protection. This day is usually celebrated with different community activities focusing on going green. On recent Earth Days, the main focus has been climate change, but the topic usually varies year to year. Not only will Earth Day be online this year, but it will also be the celebration’s 50th anniversary.

How it Started

During the ’60s, environmentalists believed the air was being poisoned and wanted to do something about it. They believed this was harming the earth, specifically water sources. In 1970, President Nixon created the EPA which monitored the earths’ air and water for pollution and other harmful substances. Earth Day eventually became a global event in 1990 as millions joined to promote environmental awareness.

This Year’s Celebration

Coronavirus has caused people to distance themselves from each other, but this will allow the earth some healing time. In the meantime, Earth Day 2020 will be celebrated through various live streams. In these live streams, you can catch up on environmental discussions. The goal this year, as it is every year, is to make a difference. Climate change is the main topic this year as it is said to represent the biggest change in the earth’s near future.

Planting Tree, Earth Day Celebration.
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Ways You Can Contribute

Reusable Grocery Bags – More recently, shoppers have been reusing their bags rather than using plastic bags that are harmful to the environment.

Clean House – This is a useful one in times of quarantine, but the key here is to use products that do not have harmful fumes or other harmful effects on the environment.

Unplug – Unplugging is important every year on Earth Day, but it may look different in 2020. A majority of this year’s celebration is online, so unplugging your computer or wifi source will not be an option if you wish to participate. You can still turn off all of your lights and unplug any nonessential electrical items.

Reusable Cups – Think of all the times you have gotten coffee and just thrown the cup away. It would be a great idea to invest a few dollars in a reusable cup that not only has to be used for coffee, but any desired drink.

Enjoy the Outdoors – With nice weather comes green trees. Plant a tree or two. Buy some flowers to plant in the bare pots, or sit outside and enjoy the birds chirping and the flowing wind.

Ditch Gas Products – Gasoline puts pollutants in the air, and many car companies are beginning to create electric, environmentally safe vehicles. Keep the car parked for Earth Day.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
Media by WOW! Children’s Museum.

Take a walk, enjoy the scenery, and thank mother nature.


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