How Good Is Valorant (Beta) Really?

Valorant is a fun and wonderful game. Media by Joe Smith.

An upcoming game has taken the scene by storm and many are waiting for a chance to be able to try it out. Valorant is a first-person shooter styled game that is similar to CounterStrike: Global Offensive in play style. Many pro players from other games have started to migrate over to Valorant and create quite the competitive scene. Recently, the Twitch Rivals tournament for Valorant took place and showed off the competitive extent of this game, and it did not disappoint. I was given the chance to play this game’s closed beta due to an event going on with Twitch. By watching drops enabled Valorant streams, you are given the chance to get access to the game’s closed beta via random selection. Now that I have told you how to get it, let me tell you my thoughts on the game.

Valorant. Media by Riot Games.

What was it like?

Going into the game, I was unsure how well I was going to do. I did not play a lot of CounterStrike: Global Offensive, so I figured it was just going to be terrible. CounterStrike had never given me a tutorial and left me to be a sitting duck. With that sort of experience before, I figured with it being a beta, it would be deja vu. However, I was proven wrong when I got into the game and the first thing they had me do is a tutorial. They teach you the basics, controls, and allow you to experiment with the many different guns in the shop. My excitement was through the roof as I took on the missions they had available to learn the game. It was engaging and refreshing compared to most tutorials. Once I was done, it gave me a direction of what I should do next by telling me flat out to just play the game. It starts off with five characters with completely different play styles from each other which gives you a chance to figure out what kind of characters you like. After each full match is completed, you are given experience based on everything you did while in the match. This experience is applied to the missions and contracts that you have active. By just playing the game, you are given many cool and fun rewards up until you are given the ability to recruit your first non-starter character. It felt exciting to have to build up to get your first character of choice. The entire experience was very positive and exhilarating.

Valorant gameplay. Media by Xiaomist.

Would you recommend it?

This is definitely a highly-recommended game for any of you that are fond of first-person shooters and would like a new one to try out. The classic CounterStrike: Global Offensive gameplay feel mixed with a new roster of abilities based on which character you pick is really cool and unique. Along with cool character and map designs, this game is jam-packed with plenty of excitement and fun. Is it worth waiting quite a bit of time in Twitch live streams so you can get the drop? That is a resounding yes from me. Get some friends and hop in.

In-game shop. Media by GuruGamer.


Valorant is a first-person shooter game styled after CounterStrike: Global Offensive mixed with character abilities that give it a nice mix. It can be super fun and refreshing to play if you are getting bored of everything else that is already available. Make sure to try out this game as soon as you can and hop in the voice chat. You might meet some really cool people and learn something new from others. I hope you have as much fun with the game as I have.


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