Lego Masters: The Best Competition Show on Now?

Lego Superman holding up a TV
Lego is basically holding up TV now. Media by Thomas Broomfield.

If you have a pulse, you’ve more than likely heard of Lego. It’s one of the most popular brands of toys out there nowadays. Lego even has a successful film franchise of theatrical and straight-to-DVD films and several successful TV shows that are still going.

With that much Lego, it’s only natural that they’d reach into territory that’s not entirely familiar to them: competition shows. There’s a strong possibility you’ve seen a competition show before, something like “Face-Off” or “Cake Wars.” But Lego Masters is creative enough that it really shines in what it’s doing, and is possibly the best competition show out now. Why? I’ll tell you a number of reasons.

Lego Masters is a competition show about… well, Lego. Several groups gather together with a different competition for each week, and in typical reality show fashion, someone is sent home at the end of the day.

The main poster for Lego Masters
Promotional poster for the show. Media by Google.

It seems pretty average and cliche, so why is it so good? Well, that boils down to two factors. 1) The show does things their way.

The show does not care about typical reality show rules. It does not feel the need to be like these other shows. Rather, they just want to do their own thing, which happens to be incredibly interesting. With a different challenge each week, there’s a real sense of variety and passion with this show that you don’t really get with other television of this type. On top of that, this show does something pretty brilliant.

This show keeps its contestant – at least for the first week.

In general reality TV or competitive TV, a lot of people feel a bit cheated. They didn’t get to see some of these people at their full potential. They mess up the first week due to stress, and then they’re gone. Lego Masters says, “We are going to do it this way instead.” For the first week, no one goes home which helps people see and understand more of what the teams can do.

Reason #2 that this show is incredibly good is the absurdly charismatic host, Will Arnett. For those who don’t know, Will Arnett plays Batman in The Lego Movie,” The Lego Movie 2,” and The Lego Batman Movie.” He obviously has a history with the brand, leading him to become the main host for this show. Without exaggeration, he makes this show.

The best part of the show (his words not mine). Media by Brothers Brick.

Arnett has a sense of natural charisma and lighthearted fun that makes him perfect for a show like this. On top of that, there are several times where the teams will not get along, particularly in episode 2. Even then, most reality shows would just leave them to their own devices and let them sink. Arnett actually helps the team that’s not getting along and helps them to become better teammates in the end.

Other shows in this category wouldn’t do that because helping doesn’t bring in the ratings, but this show doesn’t care. Arnett is going to do what’s right, instead of what will make the big bucks. Admittedly, it’s helped by having the Lego brand on your show so it’s almost guaranteed to succeed, but the point still stands.

The show is a big hit with everyone who watches it. In an interview with Tom Broomfield, a man who watches the show weekly, he said, “The show is creative. It’s not my most favorite show, but I’m also not that into Lego. It’s still pretty good though.” The fact that this man doesn’t even really like Lego and yet still enjoys the show speaks boundaries for its quality.

Overall, Lego Masters is a well-done show. It’s very interesting, heartfelt, and creative. A perfect representation of the most reputable company on the earth.

Lego Masters airs on Fox on Wednesday nights and is available for streaming on Hulu.


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