Which is Better Living: Roommate or Single Room?

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Media by Chris McGee.

As a freshman student just starting college, you might be nervous or afraid of being on your own. Sometimes not knowing who your roommate is going to be (unless you knew someone who is already attending the school you go to) can be hard. If you don’t know anyone, you could have the opportunity to live with student that is either from another state or even another country! However, this could be a good thing for you as you are living with one other person you don’t know anything about. You could learn more than you could have ever imagined from this person. Of course, you will have to share that space with your roommate, with two adjustable beds, two desks for your computer, two dressers where you can store your clothes and a closet for anything else. One piece of advice that many students would give is that you should bring only the things you really need at the beginning and have extra space for whatever extra items you might think you would need later on.

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A single room is something that some would rather shoot for after their freshman year of college some would say. If they do not prefer to live with others or they feel that they would be more productive in their own space, they could opt for this option. Single rooms are smaller sized rooms. The single room has one adjustable bed, a desk for your computer, one dresser where you can store clothes, and one closet for anything extra you would need. In a single room, you will have all of the room to yourself and you wouldn’t have to worry about anyone coming in and bothering you while you are doing homework for class or sharing space with them.

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Media by Greenville University.

To me, having a roommate is a good thing. You would be able to meet someone new before you start school and you wouldn’t feel lonely as you are walking around campus. Both of you would already know someone and they’re your roommate, so you can figure out first-week things together. Having a roommate can be fun too because you don’t have to play games alone, you could talk to each other about who you are and where you come from, and you are getting to know them for them. This can really help you in the long run of starting a friendship with someone at school. Being in a single room is okay and all, but you could possibly get really be bored talking to yourself, barely going out because of being too comfortable, and being alone. You can’t really make memories this way!

Speaking with Tyler Lewis, a freshman at Greenville University, he agreed that having a roommate is better than being in a single room. He likes having a roommate, saying, “I would be bored without having a roommate being around me to get close with rather than just sitting in my room talking to myself.” Single rooms are okay, but it is a different ball game when you are somewhere new. When you get to share a room and many experiences with someone, it’s good to get to know them and for them to get to know you as well.


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