3 Things to Remember When You Don’t Have a Ring by Spring

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Students of Christian colleges are inclined to the “ring by spring” pressure, or in other words, the need to find a husband or wife before college graduation. People tend to compare their lives to everyone around them. Seniors of 2020, just remember whether you’re engaged, single, or in a non-serious relationship, there are always reasons to be grateful and excited for the future.

Here are three points to help you remember that God has you exactly where you need to be as your college education comes to a close.

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No Two Stories Are The Same

College is a likely place to meet a spouse. But so is a post-college career, a new city, or a new church. Some people fall in love and it’s the right timing for their life. Whether it is what you’ve always dreamed of or didn’t expect anytime soon, your story has no errors. It is exactly how it’s supposed to be and has lost no beauty.

Senior Bethany Hegener expressed her experiences as an engaged woman. “I always said I could never be that person when people talked about planning their weddings while also being in college. I thought they were rushing into things and not experiencing life in a way a young independent person should before settling down. I figured that would never be me. Little did I know, my now fiancé thought a little differently, and I ended up getting engaged the summer before my senior year of college.”

If everyone found their future spouse in college, life would be pretty boring. It would take away the mystery and excitement from all of our love stories. Perhaps God is using college as a training ground for you instead of a matchmaking game.

Senior Eliana Kopetz shares her experience as a single woman upon graduation. “To be honest, I never planned to be single upon graduation. But God had other plans, and His plans are the plans I want for my life. Ultimately, being single has allowed me the time and energy to devote to the growth of the faith life, family life, and friend community that has propelled me further into the direction that I feel God is leading me.”

Instead of being discouraged by what didn’t happen before graduation, remember and appreciate all that is gained. Think about all the close friendships that have been built and what academic dedication can and will bring in the soon future. Time spent without dating is not time wasted.

God Is Not Limited To A Timeline

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God doesn’t only do big things in life while we are at a four-year college. There are excitingly different journeys in store for both individuals who are engaged and single. Single people not only have the excitement of where will this degree take them, but will bring new people into their lives along the way. Will one of them be the one?

“I think the most exciting thing about graduating and heading into the world as a single adult is that I have no holdbacks or strings that I might need to consider before trying something new. It’s given me this flexibility and willingness to adapt to whatever challenges or changes that may come,” says Kopetz.

If you’re feeling behind in life, just remember there are no rules for how life is supposed to unfold.

“For me personally, getting married right after undergrad feels like the perfect fit in a crazy life puzzle. It’s a strange time for seniors with all of the transitions. It was comforting knowing I would have someone with me as we continued to go through life together. I still consider myself to be a strong, independent woman but now I have some extra backup if I need it,” Hegener says.

You’re Right Where You Need To Be

“Life comes in seasons. Singleness is a freeing season where God encourages us to pursue Him deeper, invest in what we believe in, and develop our gifts and talents so that we can better serve our purpose in God’s plan,” Kopetz says.

Important things take time. If you’re single, appreciate this time. It’s the only time in life when you don’t have to consider another person when making decisions for your future. Make the most out of this time. Don’t miss what you’re supposed to gain by wishing you had what God will give you in the right time.

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