How is the GU Football Program Getting Better During the Epidemic?

Media By Mike Buckhanna.

The Greenville University football program is still getting better with Coach Schomaker and the coaching staff doing things the right way. Even though there are many restrictions with being inside and to stay at home quarantined, the program has found ways to get better and continuing the process each and everyday. A big part of this is hard work and dedication. The coaches are keeping tabs on their players by an app called Teamsynced. This app allows the team to communicate and be aware of any updates that may happen.

Media By Dana Fitch

The football program also stays on track with their workouts and speed sessions with another app that is called TeamBuildr. Coach Broomfield, the strength coach ,came up with different types of bodyweight workouts that will help keep the players in shape and helping them maintain their muscle mass. The coaching staff was aware that most of the training facilities and gyms will be closed. They wanted to give their athletes the best chance to succeed and be ready for the season. The way the coaches helped their players was they created all types of body weight workouts. Players do have the option to follow the workouts that the coaches give them or they can do their own workouts as long as they are not losing any strength or conditioning that they have already gained.

Media by GU Football.

Assistant coach Josh Flannery was asked about the current workouts. He was asked, “How are the coaches holding the players accountable when it comes to workouts and other things within the program?” Flannery answered by saying, “For one week we had our guys post videos of them on social media. The most videos shared was on the app called Twitter, and they uploaded a short video of them working out. We also had our team leaders from the truth league hold most of the guys accountable for workouts and showing up to team meetings we host on zoom as well. We have eleven of our Truth leagues guys who have a group of two to three teammates in each of their groups and they are to check in weekly with their groups to make sure that everyone is staying on top of everything. “

The coaching staff has a great plan set up for how they are keeping all eighty plus guys of their team held accountable for completing workouts and showing up to team meetings and position group meetings. The football program wants to continue all of their hard work throughout the time of being in quarantine during this pandemic. They all know they have to keep up the hard work going into the next season. Due to this pandemic, the football team had to cancel spring ball. It was taken away from them, but that is not going to change the fact they are coming off of a great 8-2 season. They are hoping to continue this greatness or do even better next season as they are aiming toward another successful season and they have the conference championship in their sights.


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