Preview on the Women’s Basketball Season

Media by Isiah Dortch.

This year the Lady Panthers are eager to get back on the court. They are coming off a 13-5 conference record and an overall 16-10 record. They placed third overall in the conference last year. The Panthers have had six players graduate since last year, so they have had the spots to fill. Head coach of the Greenville University women’s basketball team, Coach Roy Mulholland, talks about how he thinks this season will be compared to last year’s season.

Since the Panthers have lost six of their seniors this year, lots of players will have to step up this season young and experienced. Coach Mo first commented on the status of the team – if this year’s team will be young, experienced, or even both. He said, “I have been thinking about that and I think it will be a little bit of a mix because we certainly have experience from last year with the number of people back, and yet some of our people back are still sophomores, and so there is still some youth there. I really think early in the year we will experience youth, but I think the experience from last year is going to pay off as we move forward into the season. So I would say both but with a really positive potential in terms of experience.”

Media by Wyatt Boyer.

Coach Mo also talked about the strengths and weaknesses of this year’s team. He said, “So this is really a strange one but, I think the strength of this year’s team is that there are no glaring strengths but the key is that there are no glaring weaknesses. We are just really going to be solid everywhere and so we are going to be pretty hard to exploit. We get scoring from lots of places so it is pretty hard to focus on just one person and I think we are going to be better defensively this year. Overall, I just think we are going to be solid with ten players again, we are going to be able to attack people, and I think it’s gonna be hard to game plan against us because they won’t be able to say, ‘Hey here’s a big weakness.'”

Many fans wonder: “How is this year’s team going to be compared to last year’s team?” When reflecting on last year’s team to this year’s team, he said, “Well I think last year we started off with some big disappointments, we lost Morgan (St. James) early on, we knew Megan (Barrett) was playing with a bad shoulder, and then Brittany (Lopez) with her bad knee for a little while and those were three seniors that we thought we’re gonna pull a lot of loads. So young people had to step up and had to shoulder more responsibility and did it well. Now with all of that coming back, we set our sights higher this year.”

Overall, the Lady Panthers team this year will be both young and experienced but later on in the season will become more experienced. They will be a strong team this year and their strength will be having no weaknesses. The coaching staff and the players are ready to take on the court and start the season.

Media by GU Women’s Basketball.

Media by Isiah Dortch.



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