The Evolution of Taylor Swift

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Have you ever had one of those days where all that could make you feel better is driving around town in your car and jamming to music? We have all been there. It usually starts with some upbeat music and then somehow turns into some sappy love song. Music can be used to get all of the emotions that we have built up through the week out in that single car ride. For this purpose, Taylor Swift has got our backs as she continues to evolve throughout the years with new styles of music. She has done it all, from country music, to pop music, to her new indie style of music. What exactly will Taylor Swift bring us next?

Cara Emery. Media by Desiree Lesicko.

Taylor Swift started her career as a country singer. Every girl’s dream was to be just like T-Swift. Cara Emery, a sophomore at Greenville University, stated, “Taylor Swift was my go-to as a young girl.” She loved listening to Swift and was inspired by her. “I loved her country phase more than any other song genres she’s had just because I’m more into country and her voice went really well with country music in my opinion,” Emery explained. If Emery had to choose one song from this phase of Swift, it would be “Back to December.”

A few years later, Swift switched to more of a pop phase. A song that stood out to Emery was “I Knew You Were Trouble.” However, this phase did not stand out to Emery as much. Emery explained, “As she grew away from country music, I started to stop listening to her. Not just because she stopped singing country music or that I only liked country music, I just didn’t enjoy the songs she wrote anymore.” Swift may have lost some of her country music followers, but that did not stop her. She gained new fans along with keeping some of her old fans. Even though Emery did not prefer this phase as much, she understands why artists change up what they perform. “I think that every artist goes through different phases to find what style of music they really like or going through these phases to keep their followers following them,” stated Emery. 

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Swift recently came out with a new album called Folklore. This new album from Swift is more of an indie style type of music. Emery exclaimed, “I love her new album! I didn’t expect the slow beats, piano, and a bit of country to it. I think that her new album might just be my favorite one yet just because she tried something new that she hasn’t before and it sounds so good!” This album caught everyone off-guard because they did not expect this from Swift, but she delivered. Emery’s favorite song from this album was “the 1.” “I just listened to this song and LOVED IT!” stated Emery.

Taylor Swift always keeps us on our toes. “I enjoy the different phases that Taylor went through in her music! I think that some artists fade out faster when they only sing the same type of music their whole career. I enjoy hearing Taylor sing different genres because she has an amazing voice and can honestly sing to any style of music,” Emery explained.

What does Swift have coming up next for fans?

Media by Taylor Swift.


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