Up N Coming: DOMS POMS

Media by Anthony Esquivel.

Media by Dominique Magallanes.

Dominique Magallanes is a nursing student out of Rowland Heights, California, but in reality, she is more than that. Magallanes is a young entrepreneur, and she owns a small business called DOMS POMS. DOMS POMS is a business that creates crochet and macrame items as well as jewelry. At this point in time, this business has achieved plenty of success. However, before DOMS POMS became what it is today, she started off doing this as a hobby and making these items for fun.

At a young age, Magallanes loved making things out of whatever items she could find throughout the household, but as she got older, Magallanes found something that had endless possibilities: crocheting. As Magallanes found that crocheting was something she liked doing the most, she started to make items for friends and family for a while until they started encouraging her to sell her items. At first, she was hesitant, but after a little more support from her friends and family, Magallanes finally decided to do it. 

Media by Dominique Magallanes.

In January of 2019, Mangallenes open up her business DOMS POMS. She started off selling Crochet Hydroflask Holders for $10 and had 10 different colorways for the item. She sold those items for about a month, and then she started to add more creations throughout the year, such as bikini tops, BOHO items, jewelry, sandals, macrame, and many other items. Within the first year, Magallanes had sold over 200 handmade items that sent her business into a very positive direction. Mangallens talked about the potential future of her business and the many goals she wants to achieve with it.

Media by DOMS POMS.

Magallanes started to explain how she plans to grow her business and get more attention, and one of the ways she plans on doing that is by attending farmer’s markets. She explained that she wanted to do this because she wants to have a face-to-face interaction with her new customers and build relationships with them. As Magallanes builds relationships with customers, she is also planning for the future. Within the next 5 to 10 years, Managallens plans to open her own boutique. Another aspect she plans on implementing in her business is featuring artwork and creations from other artists/creators when she opens her boutique.

As everyone seems to be running their own business these days, there are obstacles that they face, and the obstacles that small businesses, such as DOMS POMS, face are quite different than the challenges of big corporations. For Magallanes, the obstacles she faces by herself are marketing, designing, creating, shipping, packaging, supplies, and effectively running her social media. However, the biggest obstacle she faces is finding time to balance her school and work. Being a student and working dominates most of her time, but one of the things Magallanes says that keeps her going is her love for her work. She says, “I love it! It shouldn’t stop being fun for me.” Besides having her own words of encouragement, Magallanes also has an amazing support group of friends and family to keep her motivated. Check out DOMS POMS online.


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