GU Men’s Soccer Has a New Coach: Meet Pablo Arriaga

Coach Arriaga during practice. Media by José Soutullo Fernández.
Coach Arriaga during practice. Media by José Soutullo Fernández.

In college, as in life, people come and go. These people are some whose lives drastically change in those years attending the institution, and have a tremendous impact on other people and in the community. Seniors graduate, leaving an athletic program they have been part of and that they have shaped in every single way with his actions and decisions. Every year, at the end of every semester, Greenville University (GU) campus welcomes new students and staff members, people who are called to inspire, positively influence, and improve. Fall 2020 is the semester that will always be remembered to some as the semester when Pablo Arriaga started his college coaching career.

Coach Arriaga at the practice field. Media by José Soutullo Fernández.

Coach Arriaga, from Costa Mesa (CA), is officially the new Graduate Assistant Coach for the men’s soccer program. Besides all coaching and program-related responsibilities, it is essential to highlight that he is still also a student, as he is continuing his education with the addition of a master’s program to his resume. With a background in college soccer, as he attended and played for Vanguard University (VU) for four years, which is an NAIA school, he now wants to bring all of his gathered knowledge into the GU program. He will aim for titles as well as improving the members of the roster. As a player with fourteen years of experience, Arriaga accomplished multiple individual goals, such as four years as part of the varsity team, All-League second team, team offensive MVP, and All-League honorable mention.

A master’s program in coaching was the one selected by Coach Arriaga to start his journey in the lovely and always peaceful town of Greenville. According to his words, he declares himself a fan of small campuses, as “it allows people to make meaningful connections.” GU has provided that welcoming feeling the it is known for. He wants to pursue a career in collegiate coaching and his dream is becoming head coach of a soccer program.

Jared McPeek and Jonathan Moyo working on defensive drills. Media by José Soutullo Fernández.

Coach Arriaga has arrived at an ambitious program trying to get back to the winning track. After an incredible 2018 season and an improbable and disappointing 2019, which was characterized for the internationalization of the team as the number of foreign student-athletes significantly increased, the goal of the program is no less than winning the SLIAC conference. He, like the rest of the staff, is convinced about the potential of the team and the high chances of winning the title. “We have a solid team, and we can make a run for the title,” Arriaga pointed out.

Considering that the season will take place during the spring semester, starting on February 23rd against current SLIAC champions Principia College, the men’s soccer program is now working both on the field and in the gym in order to accomplish those goals. On such date, it will also take place the every year “Senior Night” ceremony, where, once again, seniors will be recognized for their role on campus and in the team. In college, as in life, people come and go, but their legacy remains.

Media by José Soutullo Fernández.


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